honors week 5

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Honors week 5

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Honors week 5. Norway Maple Acer platanoides. Height: 60-80’ Spread: 50-70’ Greenish-yellow leaves 4-7 lobes with sharp serration Shade. Chinese Dogwood Cornus kousa. Height: 10-15’ Spread: 10’ Flower buds at mid-April 4 bracts that come to a point Raspberry type fruit Sun-part shade. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Honors week 5

Honors week 51Norway MapleAcer platanoidesHeight: 60-80Spread: 50-70Greenish-yellow leaves4-7 lobes with sharp serrationShade

2Chinese DogwoodCornus kousaHeight: 10-15Spread: 10Flower buds at mid-April4 bracts that come to a pointRaspberry type fruitSun-part shade

3GinkgoGinkgo balobaHeight: 40-70Spread: 20-40Green fan shaped leaves; fall color is yellowPlum like fruit in fallSunDont plant female tree-IT STINKS!!

4Thornless HoneylocustGleditsia tricanthos var. inermisHeight: 50-70Spread: 25-40Pinnately compound leaves 7-12 longTwisted pod fruitSun

5Saucer MagnoliaMagnolia x soulangiana cv.Height: 15-25Spread: 15-25Green, elliptical leavesFlowers like a cup on a saucer in purple or white and appear before leaves in MarchSun-Part shade

6Water OakQuercus nigraHeight: 50-70Spread: 30-40Rounded at bottom like a water droplet or ducks footFruit: AcornSun-Part shade