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Presentation of Horror Villains

What makes them look so evil?

Villains in horror films are represented using different methods and techniques. Sometimes they can have make-up which enhance the appearance of a character to give them a more dreary look. In addition make-up is used such as fake blood, eye liner, or face paint, usually in dark colours, which alters the appearance of a character dramatically, which instantly gives the audience the impression that this character is evil.

Horror Villains Make up

Horror Villains - Costume

Costume is a crucial element that allows the audience to easily and quickly decipher the intentions of a character before they have even seen them. Costume ranges from fantasy horrors to realism horrors. For example a hooded boy would instantly generate the typical teenage stereotype of a chav or gangster, which means that traditionally the audience would automatically think that they are up to no good. In Harry Potter for example, voldemort is dressed in dark ragged clothing, looks to be a robe. Clothing can range depending on the scene, or type of horror the film is.

Horror Villains - Props

There are loads of different props that can be used for a villain, here are a few: The use of contact lens can be extremely effective when creating a horror film. It generates the output you can see it in their eyes. Contact lens allows the alter of a character all together, and give them a look which makes them seem not human and makes them seem more evil. Combined with the use of a knife or a weapon of some kind, give the character a killer appearance.In addition props such as fake blood also generates the killer stereotype, and is extremely effective on villains such as vampires. Of course a well known prop use for a vampire villain would be fake teeth. Props like these are relied on to create the villain you are after.

Horror villains ICT FX

ICT can have a massive impact on the appearance of a character too. The improvement in tecnology not only lets us change the atmosphere of the room and setting, but characters too. Special effects can be added to create the character you are after.For example, the ghosts in Casper are all created using CGI (Computer Generated Image) which means that the editor has to import the ghost into the clip once it has been filmed. The power of ICT not only allows us to use enhanced effects but offers the opportunity to new kind of horror films for the future.

Horror Conventions Lighting and Setting

Imagine Voldamort as seen in harry potter, on a hot, sunny beach, bathing in the sun on the sand, with a beautiful rainbow in the distance.

The above is the exact opposite of what a villain character is expected to be set in. The set location of the introduction of a villain would be in a dark gloomy location such as a graveyard or warehouse. It is easier to establish when the setting is in a location with little to no lighting, perhaps introducing the character in a mid shot where the audience can't see all of their face due to the lack of lighting. This generates an evil atmosphere where the audience can easily establish who is the villain.

Horror Conventions

Setting:Deserted BuildingSmall Room Shed houseWarehouseNarrow Alleyways Quiet Dark StreetLess populated LocationsCellarUndergroundGraveyard

Props:KnifeLanternFlash lightOld BookFirearms RopePhoneEmpty Backpack

Elements of gender stereotypes

Men have been traditionally presented in horror films as either the antagonist or the hero. There have been many occasions where both the hero and antagonist are men. Men have traditionally been shown as masculine, strong and very courageous in horrors. Perhaps the leader of a team who are lost in the woods. In more modern day films, men have been portrayed as equal status as woman for example:it has been shown that a man who is playing a hero can easily be out powered by a woman villain. Woman in horror have been traditionally presented as vulnerable, and not as masculine as men. Many of the woman in horrors are seen to be half clothed, meaning that they could be seen as a sex object. However due to modern days society, woman are beginning to be portrayed as equal status to men, and have shown to be defeating a male character many times in recent films.