hot and cold summer

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Hot and Cold Summer. Day 2 Students need reading book, Bear Book, pencil. Turn to page 26 in your student book. Good readers make predictions , or Guesses, about what a text will be about. Read the title and introduction on pages 26-27. What do you predict might happen in the story? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Hot and Cold Summer

Hot and Cold SummerDay 2Students need reading book, Bear Book,pencil

Turn to page 26 in your student book.Good readers make predictions, or Guesses, about what a text will be about.Read the title and introduction on pages 26-27.

What do you predict might happen in the story? Turn and talk to your partner about your prediction. Partner 1 goes first.The introduction is about real life, friendships can change. Onepurpose for reading is to find out if Rory, Derek, and Bolivias friendship willchange when Derek returns from camp.Turn to page 28 and lets read this page and then stop to discuss what is happening.

1. Why is Roy worried?

Lets read page 29.

2. Based on what you know so far, how has Bolivia affected Derek and Rorys friendship?Read the rest of page 29.

Lets discuss the structure of the story so far.

Now lets read part of page 30.

Was Rory right to worry so much aboutDerek? Why or why not?Read the rest of page 30.

What kind of person is Derek? How can you tell?Read page 31.

Do you think that all three characters will remain friends? What details from the story support your answer?Lets discuss the story structure so far.

Now read the top half of page 32.

Why do you think Derek and Rory brag about their pizza-eating abilities?Read to the bottom of page 33.

What can you tell about Bolivia, based on the way she acts?Have you ever said that you could do something you werent sure you could do, justto impress someone?

Read pages 34-35.

How can you tell that both Derek and Rory are feeling confident that they caneat a whole pizza?

10. What is Bolivias role inthe contest?

How is Bolivia differentfrom Rory and Derek?Read page 36.

How do you think the boys are feeling as they reach for their fourth slice? How can you tell? Read page 37.

Why do you think Bolivia says, I wouldnt think of depriving you when the boys offer her a slice of pizza?

Who do you think is enjoying the pizza- eating contest the most: Derek, Rory, orBolivia? Why? Read page 38.

Why does Bolivia wait until the boys are full before she takes a piece of pizza? Read page 39.

What does Bolivia do that surprisesDerek and Rory? Finish the story.

Compare the way Rory feels on page 40 with the way he felt at the beginning of the story.

After reading page 40, did the story turn out as you predicted?

SpellingNumber the next empty page in your Spelling Folder to 20 and answer the following:Spelling Words