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  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


    LOUNGES & CLUBSIsland Breeze 07Frozen Paradise ICClub Horoscope 13Club Horoscope 26Sey Heys Sports Bar ICOdyssey Restaurant & Lounge 04Odyssey Restaurant & Lounge 05Mutuals Lounge 03Netties Lounge 09Rosettes Lounge 28

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    SERVICESRestore Your Photos 08One Time Pest Control 31Metals & Construction 30


    EVENTSTriple Deuce Friday 22WolfMasters Funk Fest 24Comedy Monday 25Lip Sync Wednesday 25


    RETAILMichelles Consignment 10Diamond City 13R&R Convenience Store BC

    FOOD & DININGWhos Got Crabs? 33Odyssey Restaurant & Lounge 05Best Thing Smokin BCMomas Bowl of Soul 15Wats Cookin? 25

    HEALTH & BEAUTYTrio Medical Solutions 30

    LEGAL & FINANCIALMedicare Upgrade 12MAXS TAXS 06WANTED 29ABC DUI FCSweetenberg Accounting & Tax 27

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  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


    One Mans Opinion

    Part I

    I spend a lot of time in my office on the computer. I usually have aTV on for noise. Ive noticed mostly late at night that they run thesecommercials to Save the Children and actually, I dont have aproblem with that. Off and on over the years Ive contributed to andadopted a kid here and there. Ive received letters from them and written them back. All in all itsbeen a good experience and Im sure Ill continue.

    Now lately, Ive also seen a lot of dogs and cats, Save the Dogs and Cats from abusive owners,etc. Now Im a dog lover, youve heard about Glenn the Wonder Dog and our new assistant Vic theyoud better guard the garden against the deer or were gonna fight Dog. Im not that much intocats, but figure their little arrogant butts should be taken care of as well. Since I take care of myassistant, I mean dog, I dont send money to the Dog and Cat Fund, Sorry.

    Ive also noticed a few more; Save the Tiger and Save the Polar Bear OK, I guess tigers andpolar bears are cool. Ive seen both, but didnt want to take them home. Theyre all right and ifsomeone wants to send money to save them, thats OK with me. I wont be sending any but I hopethey make it, but if they dont, oh well, well still have the cougar, lion, leopard, cheetah etc. and theKodiak, black and brown bears of which Im sure there isnt a shortage. Good luck tigers, you toopolar bears, hang in there.

    Lastly, I really think these groups are missing the point. Theres no fund to help save the mostexploited animal on land. This animal is slaughtered by the millions, its children are killed beforetheyre born, but NO One is trying to help them. So Right Here, Right Now , Im starting the Savethe Chicken Fund. You, yes, You are guilty of causing the death of the Mighty Chicken, you haveeven taught your children to be happy to see a dead chicken in a box. Shame on you. If you andyour family and countless others didnt glorify and insist on the poor chicken to be killed there wouldbe millions if not billions of chickens roaming the streets, wouldnt that be Great. Even now, peopleall over the world are stealing the poor chickens children before they are born and just scramblethem up or put them in between some bread or some other commodity like cakes or the such. Thepoor chicken doesnt even know where their child went or why, they just try to have another and thenanother until they cant anymore, then they themselves wind up in a can of soup or a box. PoorChicken. SO PLEASE, Send your MONTHLY contribution of $39.87 to the Save the Chicken Fundin care of the HOT SPOT and well send you a picture of the chicken youve adopted and a picture ofa carton of her unborn children. Repeat after me Save the Chicken; Save the Chicken; Savethe Chicken; Save the Chicken.

    Just, One Mans Opinion.Live Long and Prosper

    Ronald A. Gilliard, Publisher

  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363



    A woman from Chelm went to the market

    one day to buy herring and a loaf of bread.

    "How much is it?" she asked the store-keeper.

    "14 cents ," answered the s torekeeper to the

    lady. "14 cents ! For what?" asked the lady.

    The storekeeper explained: The herring

    costs 7 cents, and the loaf of bread costs 7cents also. So together it comes to 14


    "I know different. To the bes t of my recol-

    lection, 7 and 7 is 11." "What are your


    "As far as I know, 7 and 7 is 11...I had

    already had 4 children when my first hus-

    band died. When I married a second time,

    my second husband also had 4 children

    from his first wife. After getting married,we had 3 ch ildren together. So each of us

    had 7 children, and together we had 11!

    Obviously, 7 and 7 is 11."


    Mr. Jacobson decided to take a week off from the

    pressures of the office and went skiing. Alas, nosooner did he reach the slopes than he heard an omi-

    nous rumbling: moments later a sheet of snow camecrashing toward him.

    Fortunately, Mr. Jacobson was able to jump into acave just before the avalanche hit. Just as fortunately,

    he had matches with him and was able to light a fire.

    Hours later, when everyone but Mr. Jacobson had

    returned, a rescue team was sent to search for him.

    After several hours they saw smoke curling from thecave and went to investigate.

    Poking his head into the entrance, one of the rescuers

    yelled, "Mr. Jacobson, are you there? It's the RedCross."

    Bristling, the harried executive called back, "Get

    lost. I gave at the office!"


    After a laborious two-week criminal trial in a very h igh profile

    bank robbery case, the jury finally ended its 14 hours of del ib-

    erations and entered the courtroom to deliver its verdict to the

    judge. The judge turns to the jury foreman and asks, "Has the

    jury reached a verdict in this cas e?"

    "Yes we have, your honor," the foreman responded. "Would

    you please pass it to me," The judge declared, as he motioned

    for the bailiff to retrieve the verdict slip from the foreman and

    deliver it to him.

    After the judge reads the verdict himself, he del ivers the verdict

    slip back to his bai liff to be returned to the foreman and in-

    structs the foreman, "Please read your verdict to the court."

    "We find the defendant NOT GUILTY of all four counts ofbank robbery," stated the foreman.

    The family and f riends of the defendant jump for joy at the

    sound of the "not guilty" verdict and hug each other as they

    shout express ions of divine gratitude. The defendant's attorney

    turns to his client and asks,

    "So, what do attorney and says,

    "I'm real confused here. Does this mean that I have to give all

    the money back?"

  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


    Website: Keyword: The Hot Spot


    A woman and a man are involved in a car

    accident; it's a bad one. Both of their carsare totally demolished but amazingly nei-

    ther of them are hurt.

    After they crawl out of their cars, thewoman says, "So you're a man; that's in-teresting. I'm a woman. Wow, just look at

    our cars! There's nothing left, but fortu-nately we are unhurt. This must be a sign

    from God that we should meet and befriends and live together in peace for the

    rest of our days."

    Flattered, the man replied, "Oh yes, Iagree with you completely! This must be a

    sign from God!"

    The woman continued, "And look at this,here's another miracle. My car is com-pletely demolished but this bottle of wine

    didn't break. Surely God wants us to drinkthis wine and celebrate our good fortune."

    Then she hands the bottle to the man. The

    man nods his head in agreement, opens itand drinks half the bottle and then hands

    the it back to the woman. The woman takesthe bottle, immediately puts the cap back

    on, and hands it back to the man.

    The man asks, "Aren't you having any?"

    The woman replies, "No. I think I'll justwait for the police."


    Four cowboys are sitting on a moun-tain one night having a few cold onesaround a campfire. One is a tuba

    player, one a trumpet player, one a

    conductor, and the last a coloraturasoprano.

    The tuba player tosses an empty canof Budweiser into the air, whips outhis gun, and shoots it declaring "I justkilled the king of beers!"

    The trumpet player, not wanting to beoutdone, tosses his empty can of Co-ors into the air, shoots it and declares"Ha! I just shot the silver bullet!"

    The soprano, ever so demurely,reaches into her backpack, pulls out a

    bottle of Michelob, calmly drinks thewhole thing, tosses her bottle into the

    air, and shoots the conductor.

    Grinning broadly at her fellow musi-cians she says, "Guys, it just doesn't

    get any better than this."

  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363




  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363



  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363



  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363



  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363



  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363



  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363



    You Tube: SavHotSpot

    Watch Our Videos from HOT SPOT TV

    On the HOT SPOT Channel

    The woman thought, "This is what you sent tohelp me?" But, she was desperate, so she was

    also very thankful.

    The man got out of his car and asked her if he

    could help. She said, "Yes, my daughter is very

    sick. I stopped to get her some medication and I

    locked my keys in my car. I must get home to

    her. Please, can you use this hanger to unlock

    my car?"

    He said, "Sure". He walked over to the car, and

    in less than one minute the car was opened.

    She hugged the man and through her tears shesaid, "Thank you so much! You are a very nice


    The man replied, "Lady, I am not a nice man. I

    just got out of prison today. I was in prison for

    car theft and have only been out for about anhour."

    The woman hugged the man again and with

    sobbing tears cried out loud, "Oh, Thank you

    God! You even sent me a Professional!"


    A woman was at work when she received aphone call that her daughter was very sick witha fever. She left her work and stopped by thepharmacy to get some medication for herdaughter.

    When returning to her car she found that shehad locked herkeys in the car. She was in ahurry to get home to her sick daughter.

    She didn't know what to do, so she called herhome and told the baby sitter what had hap-pened and that she did not know what to do.The baby sitter told her that her daughter wasgetting worse.

    She said, "You might find a coat hanger anduse that to open the door."

    The woman looked around and found an oldrusty coat hanger that had been thrown down

    on the ground, possibly by someone else who atome time or other had locked their keys in their


    Then she looked at the hanger and said, "Idon't know how to use this."

    So she bowed her head and asked God to sendher some help. Within five minutes an old rustycar pulled up, with a dirty, greasy, bearded manwho was wearing an old biker skull rag on his


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


    Website: Ronald Gilliard

    Website: The Hot Spot Magazine

    Keep in Touch and Find Out Whats

    Going On in the Clubs and at Events,


    The newlywed wife said to her hus-

    band when he returned from work, "Ihave great news for you. Pretty soon,

    we're going to be three in this house in-

    stead of two."

    Her husband ran to her with a smile onhis face and delight in his eyes.

    He was glowing of happiness and kiss-

    ing his wife when she said, "I'm gladthat you feel this way since tomorrow

    morning, my mother moves in withus."

    Coming home from his Little League

    game, Billy swung open the front doorvery excited. Unable to attend the

    game, his father immediately wanted to

    know what happened. "So, how did you

    do son?" he asked. "You'll never be-lieve it!" Billy said. "I was responsiblefor the winning run!"

    "Really? How'd you do that?"

    "I dropped the ball."


    The two thousand member Baptist church was

    filled to overflowing capacity one Sundaymorning. The preacher was ready to start the

    sermon when two men, dressed in long blackcoats and black hats entered thru the rear of

    the church.

    One of the two men walked to the middle ofthe church while the other stayed at the back

    of the church. They both then reached undertheir coats and withdrew automatic weapons.

    The one in the middle announced, "Everyonewilling to take a bullet for Jesus stay in your


    Naturally, the pews emptied, followed by thechoir. The deacons ran out the door, followed

    by the choir director and the assistant pastor.

    After a few moments, there were about twentypeople left sitting in the church. The preacher

    was holding steady in the pulpit.

    The men put their weapons away and said,gently, to the preacher, "All right, pastor, the

    hypocrites are gone now. You may begin theservice."

  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


    Discounts for First Responders

  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363



    The rules of Sudoku are simple. Enter

    digits from 1 to 9 into the

    blank spaces. Every row must contain

    one of each digit. So mustevery column, as must every 3x3

    square. Each Sudoku has a

    unique solution that can be reached

    logically without guessing.

    The Solution is at the end of the Book.

    No Peeking.


    8 4 5 9

    9 1 7

    1 4 3 2

    2 5 4 7 1

    8 3 5 9

    4 2 6 3 7

    3 6 8 1

    7 4 2

    9 7 8 6

  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


    Our publication schedule is the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays

    of every month. The deadline for inclusion is the Fridaybefore the 2nd & 4th Wed. Our advertising rates are below.

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    Advertise in the HOT SPOTThe Leader in Affordable Advertising

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    Phone: 912-484-1143

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    Email: [email protected]

    Email: [email protected]


    Being in Business and not Advertising is like Blinking your Eyes in a Dark Room.

    You know what Youre doing, but Nobody else does.

  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


    Sudoku Solution


    8 4 5 7 3 2 6 1 9

    3 6 2 5 9 1 4 7 8

    7 9 1 6 8 4 3 2 5

    2 5 3 9 4 7 8 6 1

    6 8 7 3 1 5 2 9 4

    4 1 9 2 6 8 5 3 7

    5 3 6 8 7 9 1 4 2

    1 7 8 4 2 6 9 5 3

    9 2 4 1 5 3 7 8 6

  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363



  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363


  • 7/29/2019 HOT SPOT Issue #363