Hotel scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt - /media/2386d2a4cc0f4f06bb2fe69399ec... · Chapter 3: Hotels and…

Download Hotel scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt - /media/2386d2a4cc0f4f06bb2fe69399ec... · Chapter 3: Hotels and…

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<ul><li><p>Chapter 3: Hotels and Vacations 85</p><p>Hotel scavenger Hunt</p><p>Hotel Scavenger Hunt</p><p>Looking for a way to occupy your child while you get settled and unpacked at your hotel? Send her on a hotel scavenger hunt! Here are some lists of items for her to find, questions for her to answer, and things to take pictures of. </p><p>to find: </p><p> Local map Do Not Disturb sign Brochure for a local tourist attraction Takeout menu for a restaurant Envelope Pad of paper with the hotel logo on it Coffee stirrer Tea bag or coffee A vending machine item that doesnt have chocolate in it Business card</p><p>Questions to answer:</p><p> How many pillows are in your room? By what time must you check out of the hotel? Is there a fitness room in the hotel? What machines are in the fitness room? What is the name of the attendant working at the desk? How many floors does the hotel have? How old do you have to be to go to the pool without an adult?</p><p>to take pictures of:</p><p> An employees nametag EXIT sign Something on the room service menu for less than $10 An In Case of Emergency plan diagram A room number in which all the numbers are the same</p><p>Since shes already explored the hotel, she can lead you to the pool for some rest and relaxation when youre finally unpacked!</p></li></ul>