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<ol><li> 1. Benefits of consumer apps 3 Roots Studios </li><li> 2. How a consumer facing mobile app would benefit your business </li><li> 3. Brand Visibility People now spends more time on mobile phones than on TV, an average person spends about 2 hours and 57 minutes each day on her mobile phone. Sure, most of that time is spent with their most used apps but people do spend some time scrolling, browsing the phone, being on their phone makes sure that our brand is seen regularly while they browse through their phone. </li><li> 4. Brand Image Building You can build your mobile app the way you want! In other words, mobile apps give you a better chance of improving the perceived value of your brand by the consumers. You can make it look the way your company wants to reflect itself be it classy, creative, cool etc. </li><li> 5. Word of Mouth (WoM) Marketing People share things when reminded. An app can be a great way to constantly remind them about your products and services and propel your customers to talk about them leading to WoM Marketing. WoM is considered as the best way of marketing and is considered to be 9 times more effective than advertising. So, with a mobile app acting as a trigger/reminder to your consumers, you have wider chances to improve your consumer base. </li><li> 6. Direct Marketing With the mobile devices always with your customers, mobile apps can be considered as one of the best way of marketing directly to your customers. You can remind them constantly about your offers, discounts, promotions, new products etc., and with push notifications you are one step closer. </li><li> 7. Customer Retention Strategy In this era of commoditization and information, customer retention is a major challenge even for larger brands with consumers switching brands more frequently. This is forcing brands to come up with innovative retention strategies. However, no matter how strong a retention strategy is, the effectiveness depends on the way it is executed. A mobile app, if and when is an integral part of the retention strategy, can amplify the results. If you feel your customer is getting away you can persuade them through new offers, coupons, events, exclusive discounts for the customer etc., which can all be communicated easily to them with the app. All-in all, retaining your customers will be much easier. </li><li> 8. Cost-effective way of Advertising Just to get things into context, an average advertisement of 30 seconds on National US television costs around $100,000. Although the reach is very high through TV ads, their effectiveness is hardly trackable. But with a mobile app being a one-time investment, not only is your advertising targeted but also proactive and repeatable make it one of the most cost-effective ways of advertisement. </li><li> 9. Customer Engagement First lets be clear on what customer engagement is In simple terms, Customer Engagement is the engagement of customers with one another, with a company or a brand. With a mobile app, the customers can constantly stay in touch with the company and with some discussion or social groups within the app, the customers can engage with each other. </li><li> 10. Faster way of Addressing Complaints and Feedbacks Sometimes, we might get things wrong and disappoints our customers. Instead of email, a mobile app would be really comfortable and a quick way for the customer to give feedback or complaints. Quick is the key word here, of course email is also a way of communicating with our customers, but communicating quickly will lead greater customer satisfaction and can lead to greater customer loyalty. Research proves that, customers are more satisfied when their complaints are addressed quickly compared to when the product is good in the first place. It makes them feel relevant to the company. </li><li> 11. Interested in knowing more or making this change in your business? Contact us Now! At 3 Roots Studios with an experienced and dedicated team we are inclined towards providing our customers with a high quality service and look to provide exactly what they want in their apps with a scope of changing things. Thank You 3 Roots Studios Contact us now to make your own mobile app </li></ol>