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  • How Afterschool Programs

    Develop Your Childs Skills

  • A good afterschool program offers a host of benefits

    to children of all ages.

  • Safe, structured activities give kids a chance to hone

    academic skills, try out new hobbies, play games and

    hang out with friends.

  • In an age when many kids go home

    and just tune in to the TV and surf

    around online, often waiting for

    parents to get home from work

  • after school programs offer exercise, time for

    home work and a chance to play outdoors in a

    supervised environment.

  • Its been shown that the peak hour for juvenile crime

    is between 3 pm and 4 pm, and after school programs

    keep kids off the street and happily entertained.


  • Kids pretty much always benefit from scheduled time for

    homework, and afterschool programs include a block of

    time just for class assignments

  • with the added benefit of staff on hand, often teachers

    or tutors, to help with that tough math problem or

    complex essay.

  • Because the programs are less formal than the regular

    classroom, kids tend to feel more comfortable asking

    for assistance.

  • More confidence in academic ability not only leads to

    improved grades, but diminishes the chance that kids will

    skip school, drop out or exhibit other behavioral problems.


  • After school programs give kids a safe place to be during

    the dangerous afterschool hours when parents tend to be

    still at work and free time can lead to mischief or worse.

  • Being in a supervised program lessens the likelihood

    that your child will either commit or be the victim of

    adolescent crime as they reach middle school.

  • Attendees in this type of program are significantly less

    likely to engage in risky behaviors like smoking, drug

    use, gang activity, theft and vandalism.


  • Many after school programs include instruction in a

    wide arrange of outside pursuits from chess and

    woodworking to basketball and theater.

  • Kids can sign up to take part in various electives, and your

    youngster just may find he can quickly give you a run for

    your money in a chess match or discovers an exciting new

    passion for art or tennis.

  • In a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by a variety of other

    youngsters, its easy to get excited and try something new.


  • Kids stay active at after-school programs, burning up

    extra energy on the playground or sports court.

  • Some programs even provide instruction in everything

    from swimming to soccer, all of which have the super

    benefit of helping kids get into great healthy living habits.

  • Its not surprising that kids who attend after-school

    programs have been found to have a significantly lower

    rate of obesity.


  • Its not just academic skills that get a super lift from after

    school programs.

  • Kids who attend have been found to have fewer

    behavioral problems, more self-confidence and better

    conflict-resolution skills.

  • With adults around to help them deal better with peer issues,

    kids get some handy guidance in strategies for coping with

    day-to-day problems as well as lessons on respect for others

    and open-mindedness.

  • Supervised activities and down time lets kids have fun with

    friends after school instead than lounging around on the

    couch waiting for mom or dad to get home

  • and its also a great way to meet new people and make

    new friends in a nurturing environment.

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