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2. Mobile marketing is one of the newest types ofmarketing, yet it actually incorporates elements of someof the oldest and well proven methods. Many of thesame rules that apply to other kinds of marketing willapply to mobile marketing too. However, there are somenoteworthy differences. 3. This article presents some solid advice on getting thebest from this brilliant advertising medium. 4. Mobile devices and users are thriving onsocial media. You must capitalize on this inyour marketing strategy to ensure success.Reward customers who TwitPic or share dealson your site with a coupon or contest entry.This is a wonderful way to reach clients whohavent heard of you yet. 5. If your website has an easy way forconsumers to provide feedback, it can be agreat tool for individuals to tell you what theythink of your brand, and give you anopportunity to bond with them. Customerinput is valuable, regardless of whether itspositive or negative. You should seek outcustomer feedback at every opportunity. 6. Get yourself short codes that are dedicated asopposed to sharing them. You should spendaround two thousand dollars for this, but itwill be worth it. Before long, savvy surfers willstart to remember your short code. It isntthat big of a price to pay for potentiallyavoiding legal problems. You can get intotrouble if your code sharing company doesnot follow rules. 7. Make sure that links delivered through mobilemarketing lead to both your mobile-designedsite, for older phones, and your regular site,for the modern devices that can access itproperly. If your regular website uses flash,then link users back to a mobile siteexclusively, since many tablets andsmartphones do not use flash. 8. Add maps and directions to your website thatare mobile friendly. It has become a standardtrend for individuals to use their cell phone tofind directions to where they are going.Create an easy way for your customers toreach you. Even your maps should be treatedlike marketing materials. Create a link thatgives your visitor the option to use some ofthe more popular direction sites. 9. Make sure that your mobile marketing ads areeasily forwarded from one friend to another.Make certain that promotions are easy toforward or include an incentive to boost yourads 10. Keep you messages short and easy tounderstand in your mobile marketing efforts. It is unacceptable to include wordy productdescriptions and endless chains of landingpages that do nothing to enhance usersexperiences. Mobile marketing copy needs tobe concise and clear. 11. Make sure that your content is relevantand purposeful. While mobilemarketing is novel and exciting for youas a business owner, keep in mind thatyour customers are looking for morethan novelty and excitement. The information that you provide mustbe relevant to present customers andpotential customers. If you providethings they desire and require, theywill utilize your business. 12. Dont forget to include links to your socialmedia accounts on your main website. Many customers these days dont bother tosearch for a companys main site, but ratherseek out their social media pages. 13. Mobile platforms that are designed asstandalone also need home bases to besuccessful. You need to focus on your homebase and the people who visit it, whether theyare repeat visitors or arriving for the firsttime. Do not rely on the mobile campaignalone; develop and design your home basefor your customers. 14. It is very easy for your mobile marketingapproach to backfire and annoy people. Youwill need a plan to use the tips included inthis article, especially when you are beginningto use mobile marketing. You will likely seean increase in the size of your customer baseand your profits.Click here to read more of mobile marketing articles.Good luck and happy blogging! 15. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>P.S. Empower Network is by far the best and the most profitable ViralBlogging Platform in this planet. Watch this 40 minute video andthen join our Dream Team to starting blogging and making moneyonline immediately.P.P.S. Click here to join the Dream Team NOW if you already saw thevideo.P.P.P.S. Read this Income Disclaimer to find out the potential of howmuch money you can make by joining this powerful community.This is by far the best blogging platform you can getand will make you serious money. 16. We in no way guarantee any income of any type. YOU COULDMAKE NO MONEY AT ALL. All example of income areillustration of whats possible, and there is actualdocumentation to back every claim up. We post our averageincome on our income disclosure document to provide fulldisclosure because we believe in Empowering you to makegreat choices and live an amazing life. Because you deserve it so lets make it happen.