How corporate real estate can drive change

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Did you know that effective change management can increase the success rate on projects by 350%? Learn how having the right corporate real estate partner can help drive and manage change in your organization. To learn more, please visit:


<ul><li>1.Win with a change partner Help manage change with corporate real estate At JLL, we have made it a priority to develop change management into a core capability alongside our deep expertise in real estate cross-trained in Six Sigma principles. Change management professionals lead our teams with experience from some of the most admired corporations and public institutions in the world. WHY PROJECTS 32% ALL OTHER OBSTACLES 16% INADEQUATE RESOURCES 29% MANAGEMENT BEHAVIOR NOT SUPPORTIVE 23% EMPLOYEES FEARFUL 2/3 OF PROJECTS FAIL HOW CORPORATE REAL ESTATE DRIVES CHANGE ATTRIBUTE TO PEOPLES BEHAVIOR OVER 50% The difference maker 350% CHANGE MANAGEMENT CAN INCREASE SUCCESS RATE OF PROJECTS BY CREATE real partnership between corporate real estate and the business DRIVE adoption of mobility and other workplace strategies DEPLOY new processes following outsourcing or an acquisition SPEED THROUGH WITH EFFECTIVE CHANGE MANAGEMENT. DONT SLOW DOWN, </li></ul>