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How Do People Make Money with WebsitesIf youre interested in how to make money on internet then youre already in the right track. I think its crazy for anyone to not want a piece of that billion dollar pie. Whole companies run on just making money off of the internet and entire jobs exist within its virtual walls. But if you want to start slow, then youre probably going to want your own website, one that can generate cash from its visitors. Using a website to make money off the internet is ideal because of two things; its not really an output based method of earning and, once youve established the website, its a source of passive income. This means that after your initial work, you dont have to put in a lot of time to make sure that it makes money. Thats what a lot of online marketers call automatic income. And heres how you get one of your own.

The first thing to do is to pick a niche, any niche. Think of something youre truly interested in, whether its about motorbikes, books, electronics, or travel. Then you get a host and domain name, one thats catchy and unique. Then, using Wordpress (that comes with a lot of free themes), you can set up your website. And voila, all it needs is the content. At this part of the junction, you can actually settle for a free theme but I would strongly suggest that you invest in a well-designed website which means hiring a graphic designer who ideally can also set up your Wordpress page for you. This wont be as expensive as you think the idea is to hire someone from another country where US dollars have greater value. The design and the fact that it looks like someone put effort into it will make your website street cred, but you can also start with a free theme if youre still feeling things out.

Once youve got your website set up, you can then start filling it with content, whether its written or pictures. Its also important for you to set up a Twitter account and a Facebook fan page because the more youre connected, the more you can be reached. Heres a tip; for every article you write, add a link to a pdf version at the bottom of the page. This will help attract the attention of search engines plus it makes things convenient for your reader. At this point, you can then start placing affiliate program links on your website. Heres a quick explanation affiliate links are sponsored links that will send you a small amount for every time someone clicks on their link found on your website. Get enough links and you can earn a lot of extra cash on the side.

Eventually, when youre already making enough money, you can outsource the content production so that you wont even have to worry about writing articles. If you want to make money on internet that doesnt take up to much of your time, this is the way to go.

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