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  1. 1. Engagement Techniques: How Do You Get People Engaged and Motivated?
  2. 2. Motivation Sam Glucksberg
  3. 3. Motivation Sam Glucksberg
  4. 4. How do you get your team engaged and motivated? Wait!
  6. 6. How well do you know your team members? Master Jedi: Very well. Jedi knight: Pretty well. I know what each person is like and what motivates him/her. Padawan: I know when they are excited or unmotivated, but I dont really know why. Get to know your team
  7. 7. Lets test it! Get to know your team
  8. 8. Lets test it! How well do you know your teams expectations at work? 1-I have no idea. Why should I care? 2-We have never talked about it, but I think I know what they are. 3-Yes. I have meet individually and talked about expectations. Get to know your team
  9. 9. Lets test it! Do you know the personality of each person in your team well? 1-They are all developers; arent they cloned? 2-Yes. We talked about it with the HR department before hiring each person. 3-Yes. We took a self assessment test and talked about the results together. Get to know your team
  10. 10. Lets test it! Do you know what makes your team members thrive? 1-No. I thought it was their paycheck. 2-Mostly. The extroverted ones show it pretty clearly. 3-Yes. I know what makes each person thrive, even the ones that are shy. Get to know your team
  11. 11. Lets test it! Do you know each persons dreams and goals in life? 1-No. This is a workplace. I dont care. 2-I know the ones that they have told me. 3-Yes. I took the time to ask everyone, and now I know each persons current purpose. Get to know your team
  12. 12. Lets test it! Do you know what demotivates them? 1-No. They always seem the same to me. 2-I know they dont like bureaucracy, but that is about it. 3-Yes. I know what unmotivates each person, and we are open about it. Get to know your team
  13. 13. The reality 1-5 6-10 11-15 Get to know your team
  14. 14. How can I know them better? Spend time listening: Self-assessment tools. Create a moment in monthly meetings where people can express themselves. Encourage a trusting environment. Get to know your team
  15. 15. What motivates your team? Questions for 1:1 sessions or group meetings. Are you happy with your work and the tasks you do? What motivates you at work? What are the reasons for why you are still working here? What is your role in the company? Focus on the tasks that motivate you the most. Ask yourself why they are the ones that motivate you the most. What is your personal contribution to these tasks? How has management affected your motivation positively? Negatively? Get to know your team
  16. 16. You need to know people so you can motivate them Personality Interests Interrelations Expectations Aspirations Potential and strengths Areas to improve What makes them thrive Get to know your team
  17. 17. Get to know your team **Gallup 2013 State of the Global Workplace. 2.5x more revenues for companies with engaged employees vs competitors with low engagement levels Hay group study Engaged performance
  19. 19. Eliminate demotivators Start to motivate your team
  20. 20. Be assertive How? Rewrite all communications until they are positive Offer pure and informational feedback Discuss your intentions openly Maintain self-control during negotiations Start to motivate your team
  21. 21. WHAT MOTIVATES US AT WORK? Start to motivate your team
  22. 22. What motivates employees? Autonomy Mastery Purpose Sense of Belonging Recognition Start to motivate your team
  23. 23. Autonomy How? Avoid micromanaging. Delegate. Hire people who are autonomous. Involve your team in goal setting and in improvements. Start to motivate your team
  24. 24. Mastery Start to motivate your team How? New challenges. Development and empowerment. Participation in transversal projects. Possibility to change projects or tasks inside a project. Emphasize learning goals. Stronger learning culture: 37% greater productivity.
  25. 25. Purpose How? Share the purpose in every meeting with different examples. Hire people that share similar values to your companys. Help team members achieve their dreams. Provide a frame for your goals. Start to motivate your team
  26. 26. Sense of belonging How? Share information. Team activities. Start to motivate your team
  27. 27. Sense of belonging Start to motivate your team
  28. 28. Sense of belonging Start to motivate your team
  29. 29. Start to motivate your Sense of belonging
  30. 30. Sense of belonging Create a mascot Spend 5 to 10 minutes brainstorming with your team to generate a list of personality traits and skills that an ideal team member would possess. Your list should contain items that would be common for any team, as well as traits unique to your specific team. Encourage team members to go beyond the obvious. After brainstorming, use the drawing feature of your online collaborative tool to create a team mascot representing your ideal team member. It's fun to create your team mascot together in real time, with all team members contributing something to the drawing. Make a stick figure that has all the characteristics in it. As a facilitator, you need to make sure that each persons contribution is represented at least once in the figure. Bring the stick figure to an artist (it can be a person in the team) and turn it into a cool-looking mascot. Add the company colors if possible. Use it in presentations, and you can even make T-shirts and mugs with it and send them to the team members. Start to motivate your team
  31. 31. Recognition How? Publicly acknowledge team efforts Gratitude: repeat why each persons work is important Offer opportunities Train your team so that people can achieve their goals Hire from within Start to motivate your team
  33. 33. Surveys How motivated do you feel about starting this new project? How motivated are you about working with this team? How do you feel about the last sprint? Name 1 thing that motivates you and 1 thing that doesnt. Measure motivation
  34. 34. During meetings Measure motivation
  35. 35. Available tools Measure employee engagement: Officevibe Moodapp Tynipulse Self-assessment: Playprelude Collaboration tools with gaming strategies and rewards Measure motivation
  36. 36. Measure LearnBuild Measure motivation
  38. 38. Motivation Killers in a Virtual Team Poor communication Disconnection from the team No sense of belonging Loneliness Lack of trust Boredom Unmotivated team
  39. 39. Super Communicate 80% of the messages we receive come from body language Video gives us an energy boost Motivation in Distributed Teams
  40. 40. Collaboration tools for less meetings Use meetings to create synergies and have fun Start each meeting with a short warm up talk End each meeting on a high note Super Communication Motivation in Distributed Teams
  41. 41. Super Guidance Document all important things Daily mentoring Repeat instructions Repeat acknowledgements Feedback more often (43% of highly engaged employees receive weekly feedback*) *Towers Watson 2012 Motivation in Distributed Teams
  42. 42. Super Company Culture Beat loneliness Private social media Team playlists Team activities Photo contest Promote virtual water coolers Motivation in Distributed Teams
  43. 43. Courses for Managers and Team Members Facilitate Team Activities 1:1 Consulting Skype: annadanes