How does GPS work, what is geocaching?

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GPS geocaching presentation 2006 during english course at Campus answers you quickly the following questions: how does GPS work? / what is geocaching?


<ul><li> 1. GPShistoryfunctionalityaccuracygeocaching?equipmentconclusionthe journey </li> <li> 2. 1973 U.S. Air Force &amp; Navy decided to develop asatellite navigation system.1974/79 System tests: Pseudolites and 11 Block I satellites1979 Decision to expand the GPS system to 24 satellites.1983 When a civilian airplane (Korean Airline) was shotdown after it had gone lost over Sovietterritory, it was decided to allow the civilian use of the GPS1989/94 replacement with improved Block II satellites1995 Full Operational Capability (FOC) is announced.2000 deactivation of the selective availability andtherefore improvement of the accuracy for civilians2005 Launch of the first 2R-M GPS-satellite.January 2006: 28 satellites (oldest one Feb. 1989)GPS - history </li> <li> 3. atomic clock2R-M assemblyLockheed Martin </li> <li> 4. 26.560 km from centre of earth- 6.360 km earth radius________20.200 km pathway-heightMEO - "medium earth orbit"GPS - functionalitytrue to scaleMonitor Stations - Hawaii </li> <li> 5. GPS - functionalityPosition DeterminationI am satellite X, myposition is Y and thisinformation was sentat time Z.distance </li> <li> 6. GPS - functionalityclock differenceSignals travel with the speed of light:c = 299 792 458,0 m/sTime span between the satellite and thereceiver lies in the range of 0.07 sec.A clock error of 1/100 second would lead toa mistake in the position of about?3000 km ! 2997924.58 m ;-)To achieve an accuracy of 10 m of theposition, the runtime of the signal must beprecise to 0.00000003 seconds </li> <li> 7. 1983GPS - accuracy2000 Galileo2007100[m][year]520.01US Army SA(Selective Availability)SAWAAS / EGNOSDGPS(Differential GPS) </li> <li> 8. geocaching - ? </li> <li> 9. geocaching - ?spoiler! :-/ </li> <li> 10. geocaching - ?Implosion Meteorsolarthermienator-cachenote </li> <li> 11. geocaching - ?cache contentLog-bookPencilCachenoteTrade stuffDeed of FTF </li> <li> 12. .geocaching.comLog our visit! </li> <li> 13. geocaching - equipment=&gt; GPSrCompassMapCache BagPDALocationStuff to Stash (trade)Container (waterproof)Micro-cachesHiking Staffspecial equipment like:scuba gear, things for climbing </li> <li> 14. geocaching - conclusionFind places youve never beenor recognised before.Do outdoor sports with amission in background.Enjoy the beautiful nature ...... and protect her! </li> <li> 15. chief source of informationGlobal Positioning System: and Art: </li> </ul>