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  1. 1. How Instagram Could Be Leveraged To Build Your Online Brand Instagram has slowly and surely proved its usefulness as a part of an online marketing plan. It could be used to create short videos and photos, and it gives you the freedom to target its 130 million active users around the globe. However, creating an Instagram profile is just a stepping stone towards building a successful marketing campaign. Hence, its better to follow the below mentioned Instagram strategy for building your brand, or to increase your brands exposure.Integrate Instagram videos into your blog or website:Instagram has offered its users an ability to integrate their Instagram videos in their personal blogs and website with just a simple click on the share button. The share button could be seen on the right side of the interface. On clicking the share button, you could see a code for the video that you would like to share. In order to embed, the code would simply be copied, and pasted on the blog or website page. Put up your loyal followers:One could only head up in a social media campaign if they have a strong base of loyal fans or followers. There are websites that could answer the where to buy followers? question at ease and one could even catapult the followers by logging in it with their facebook account.
  2. 2. Plan out the time to post:It is not mandatory to have a daily post on Instagram. Have a planner that includes the content and its time period for posting. Following it would make the task quite easy. Persuade fans to try out apps available on Instagram:There are a number of apps available for Instagram. Promoting them publicly would help you in the process of building your brand and eventually your business. For a better user experience, the followers could be strongly encouraged to use these apps. Gramgrab, Instagrille, Copygrab and Instawar are few of the applications that will help users to even print pictures. Its time to track and get tracked:If you ignore the followers, it would negatively affect your business. Hence it is better to follow those who are following you, especially when social media is all about being social. Internet marketing is not all about social media however, it plays a vital part and following the above mentioned tips would help one connect with the target audience.