How Lean Experiments can help you accelerate growth in your company

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  • Growth Hacking is changing the way companies work

    How Lean Experiments can help you accelerate growth in your company

  • The only essential thing is growth. Everything else we associate with startups follows from growth.

    - Paul Graham

    What people think growth looks like

    at successful companies

    A deeper dive into the data shows what growth actually looks like - a series of purposeful

    spurts driven by experiments (product related or otherwise)






  • Growth is no longer the responsibility of just marketing

    The role of a growth hacker is changing from just(!) finding and executing newer tactics to drive growth to bringing the team together around the objective of growth

    Engineering Design Marketing


  • Data Informed

    Experiment focussedProcess driven

    Teams should be

  • 4 reasons to focus on process first, tactics second

    What works for others wont work for you

    Growth = SUM (1,2,3,4..X)

    Rate of Change is accelerating (viral channels come & go)

    You need a growth machine (scalable, predictable and repeatable)


  • How Lean Experiments can help you make a


  • Review new growth tactics every day

    There is no dearth of growth tactic resources. The trouble is they are scattered all over the internet and there is so much repetition of the same tactics. solves this to a great extent. (Thanks, guys!) But, if you are like us, you spent so much of your time reading

    and thinking I have seen this one before.

    We have been there and have been hard at work to build a non-repetitive list of growth hacks that you can apply to your business. Let us do the research for you, so you can focus on


  • Use Sean Ellis ICE methodology to prioritize the experiments for your team

    Using the 3 criteria does wonders in prioritizing your backlog and bringing focus to your teams efforts. Seize the low hanging fruits systematically!

  • Monitor your teams progress

    Use a Trello-like interface to keep track of your teams progress and rally them around the single most important thing on your mind - growth

  • Keep track of your experiments

    We love Brian Balfours Experiment Doc format and have used its learnings to help you document your results and systemize it within your organization.

    Review your completed experiments on a timeline. Build on your successes & learn from what did not work!

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