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1. `King of Pop 2. AbcJackson 5 Active from 1964 to 1990 RnB, Soul, pop and in the 1970s disco 1970I Want You Back1969I'll Be There1970Blame It On The Boogie1978 3. I want you back Jackson 5 Performances based videosFrom the fun catchy music and clothing you can tell that the target audience at this time was more of the younger teens. 4. Dont stop till you get enough 1980Successful start of his solo career. Grammy for best male RnB vocal performance. CGI has been used in this video as it was a great effect at that time to develop a m Found his own style in clothing that fits him. His target audience expanded with young teens and young adults. 5. Michael Jacksons appearance started to change as he got more popular as an artist. Thriller 1984Black or white 1991