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How Satisfied Employees Are Motivated To Be Productive 1ABOUT KPMGKPMG LPP is a Canadian firm that is overseen by KPMG International. The firm has over 155,000 employees working in 155 different countries around the world. KPMG was formed in 1987 when Peat, Marwick, Klynveld and Goerdeler merged their respective firms. These were the four founding members: Piet Klynveld, the founding member of the accounting firm, who founded Kraayenhof & Co in Amsterdam in 1917, William Barclay Peat who founded the Peat & Co firm in London, James Marwick who founded the Marwick, Mitchell & Co in New York City in 1897, and Dr. Reinhard Goerdeler who was the first president of the International Federation of Accountants and chairman of KPMG. Since founding, more then 115 firms across the country have joined each other to create what is now KPMG LLP Canada. KPMG gives Audit, Tax and Advisory services, and help clients lower risks and capitalize on opportunities. 2THE BIG FOURThe Big Four are the four largest international professional services networks, offering audit, assurance, tax, consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance, and legal services. They handle the vast majority of audits for publicly traded companies as well as many private companies. 3

Due to KPMGs success over the years as an employer they have received numerous awards such as: Canadas Top 100 Employers Canadas Best Diversity EmployersBest Employers for New Canadians Greater Torontos Top 95 Employers Canadas Top 25 Family Friendly EmployersCanadas Greenest EmployersCanadas Top Campus Employers

4Through the effective combination of flexible benefits, vacation and personal time-off, enriching job engagement and extensive community involvement KPMG is keeping its employees motivated to be productive and happy at work by improving job satisfaction and providing ample rewards. Through these positive reinforcements employees feel as through their hard work is paying off and they are being rewarded by the company. Employers want employees to behave in ways that most benefit the organization. Therefore, they look for ways to reinforce positive behavior. Through flexible options and engaging activities, KPMG has increased employee job satisfaction and this leads employees to be motivated to do the right kind of work, in the right way, for the company. 5

REINFORCEMENTThe motivation process at KPMG comes from a strong performance review process shown here. This process reviews, helps and encourages outstanding performance and development as employees move through the stages. This process helps guide the objectives in which KPMG wants their employees to value and strive for. The process helps employees achieve goals, recognize strengths and weakness and show them the skills they need to advance further within the company. This helps them achieve career aspirations and additionally be recognized and rewarded for desired behavior. These continuous and consistent performance reviews benefit the organization by giving KPMG many chances to reinforce positive behavior and extinguish negative ones. 6This performance review process at KPMG plays into the goal setting theory as well by helping employees set a goal that may motivate them to do better in the future. Goal setting theory claims intentions to work towards a goal are a major source of work motivation. KPMG is using the management by objectives system where managers and employees jointly set performance goals that are tangible, verifiable, measurable, and that are periodically reviewed using the system outlined above.

7COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENTSocial change is a big part of the KPMG family, regardless of whether it is in the office or in the personal lives of their employees. KPMG believes that even the smallest thing can make a positive change. Their National Experience Community Leadership program helps employees get a better understanding first hand of how they can make a difference in the community. Being part of the community is expected from all members of the firm and employees are expected to play an active role in giving back to their communities. KPMGs community involvement program strives to build values for their employees and to help build great relationships and community within the company. KPMG uses this as a way to build engagement for employees. They believe that this helps increase communication and community and will creative a positive social environment for employees.


One of the most significant ways that KPMG motivates its employees is through a flexible benefits package that will cater to the needs of nearly any employee. Rather than providing life-style specific benefits that only certain employees will benefit from, KPMGs benefit plan covers a wide span of employees needs. KPMGs health and financial benefits are both rated as above average. Employee salaries are reviewed every 12 months and employees are rewarded with raises for effective behavior. Due to the consistency in their review program, employees know if they act accordingly their behavior will be rewarded. Additionally, if an employee refers a friend or family member to the company as a new employee, they receive $1000. This is an effective way for KPMG to motivate their employees to recommend them as an employer. KPMG also allows employees to participate in profit-sharing. This can help an employee feel like their effort in the company is being contributed back to them in the form of sharing within the profits. The companies success pays back directly to the employee and this can help increase the employees sense of being a part of the organization. KPMG also offers excellent compensation in regards to disability, retirement and more. Not only is KPMGs financial benefits and compensation an outstanding factor in motivating employees, its health and family benefits are extensive and perhaps play an even more significant role in satisfying and motivating employees. The health plan offered by KPMG is incredibly flexible depending on the needs of each individual employee, allowing for adjustable premiums and levels of coverage. With extensive dental coverage that even supports orthodontics, KPMGs benefits are top notch. With other extensive coverage of eye care, prescription drugs (alternative or traditional), in-vitro fertilization, fitness programs, weight management programs and more KPMG is satisfying employees by supporting them with these benefits. Employees will feel as through they are taken care of by their employer. This helps improve their home life as well, creating a more stable home-life balance. 9KPMG is helping motivate employees by increasing the quality of their work life balance. Employees are offered 3 weeks a year of paid vacation, and that includes starting employees. Additionally employees are allowed 7 days a year to take a personal day. 6 months unpaid leave are allowed for employees who may be experiencing a difficult time with issues outside of work. 100% of pay is offered for the first 4 weeks of paternal/maternity leave along with 100% of pay for 4 weeks after an adoption. Employees are offered flexible work hours, shorter work weeks if required, a compressed work week, reduced summer hours and more through the Earned Days Off program. This helps keep employees motivated by alleviating the struggle of expecting employees to balance work/home life without the help of their employer.

10CONCLUSIONThrough a complex plan that combines satisfying benefits, community involvement, performance review plans, work/life balance and more KPMG has successfully created a organizational environment where employees strive for the greater success of the company. Employees come to work happy, satisfied, and ready to do what is required of them and more. KPMG is an example of a company who understands the importance of strong organizational culture and climate and creating an environment where employees are satisfied and thus motivated, effective, and productive