how startups gain and maintain traction- chris schelzi

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Post on 11-Jan-2017


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  • TractionFind Your Growth Engine

  • Quantitative evidence of customer demand

    - Naval Ravikant, AngelList

  • If You Build It,They Will Come

    Oh no, never mind

    Idea that the product will speak for itselfgoing on a date in your underwear

  • Build The Right Product For

    The Right People

  • Determine Your Growth Engine

  • Test Your AssumptionsAnd

    Have Assumptions

    Collect data so you know what works and what doesnt

    Make it very simple, but have something you want to measure

  • Stop Being Scared of Your Customers

    You need to talk to people. Dont build in isolation. This can save you tons of time and help you narrow your focus.

    Charlie on calls, fine tuning the pitch. Seeing where their eyes light up or go dead

  • The Bullseye Strategy

    3 levels, whats possible, whats probably, whats proving

  • Look AcrossInvisible Walls

    Movie Theatre. Not just competing with movie theaters but also with resturants, mini-golf, etc. How are those places attracting customers?

    Also, what are the other pieces involved? Babysitters

    Also, usually the traction method of your industry is oversaturated so by utilizing an underused method you can be much more effective. i.e. social media ads vs webinars

  • Dont Aim For Scale

    do non-scalable activities. Calling customers, doing speaking events, sending personalized emails,etc. Once you have a firm grasp, you can scale from there

  • Punctuated Equilibrium

    rarely do strartups growing gradually, they grow in spurts. Theyll strike upon one growth engine that serves them very well, then it dies down, they they find another one etc.

  • Creativity Through Constraints

    Dont try out every method. At least at the same time. Set a time limit, an effort limit, and a cost limit. i.e. one month, 100 dollars, 2 hours a week.

    Test but dont overwhelm , otherwise data is irrelevant

  • Sexy TacticsAnd Candy Too!

  • You May Want To Take Notes

  • Strikingly

  • AdEspresso

  • Perfect Audience

  • Programming For Marketers

  • Code Academy

  • LeadPages

  • Pay With A Tweet

  • Stealth Seminar

  • KingSumo

  • Social Media Engagement

  • Meetups!

  • Marketers Book List?

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