How To Attract More Clients In Your Wedding Business

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These are simple but overlooked strategies that guarantee you will be getting more leads and enquires that ultimately turn into more clients for your wedding business


<p>How to attract more clients in your wedding business </p> <p>How to attract more clients in your wedding business</p> <p>By Heidi Thompson of Evolve Your Wedding Business</p> <p>Who Am I?</p> <p>Who are you trying to attract?</p> <p>Brides, grooms, engaged couples, etc are not specific enough.If you try to appeal to everyone, youll appeal to no one.If you had a heart attack, would you want to go to a cardiologist or a general doctor?Who do you love working with?Look at your favourite clients-what do they have in common?</p> <p>Build Relationships</p> <p>Who else serves your ideal client? These are people you want to develop relationships with because you can refer each other.My relationship marketing strategy only has 5 steps (and only 2 need to be done regularly).If you approach with the intention to help someone, they will remember you and be more willing to help you. This can be as simple as sharing their content with your audience.</p> <p>Refocus your marketing</p> <p>Where do you currently market your business?Do your ideal clients spend time in those places?If not, stop doing it. Its that simple.Refer to your Google Analytics-where does your traffic come from? That should be your focus.The same principle applies to advertising.</p> <p>Tailor your site to your ideal client</p> <p>If your ideal client landed on your site, would they immediately think This is so me?Does the look and feel match who youre targeting?This applies to the words you choose as well as your images.Are you using brides when some of your visitors are grooms? Are you letting your personality shine through?</p> <p>Offbeat Bride gets it</p> <p>Berni Xiong definitely gets it</p> <p>Featured post: Shut Up and Make Sh!t Happen</p> <p>Natalie Sisson is more specific then ever and is rocking it</p> <p>Ash Ambirge is not for everyone, but her people absolutely love her</p> <p>Staggered only caters to a certain type of groom</p> <p>Provide helpful content</p> <p>If you provide helpful content, you demonstrate that youre an expert and give people a reason to come back.Websites that are just pretty brochures do not work.What questions do you get all the time? Make those into blog posts!Sharing helpful content on social media is going to build your credibility &amp; drive traffic to your site.</p> <p>Bonuses for you!</p> <p>Ideal client worksheet I use with my clientsDetails of how to set up a relationship marketing strategy</p> <p>Get them here:</p> <p>Questions, Comments &amp; More</p> <p>If you have any questions you can always email me at and Id be happy to answer them for you.</p> <p>If you liked this presentation, you can find more content on how to rock your wedding business on my site:</p>