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  • How To Attract More Tourists To Your Hotel?

  • Most of the hotels offer all necessary services to make tourists stay comfortable and pleasurable.

  • The hotels are adopting many types of promotional strategies

    to attract the tourists.

  • :- The hotels are streamlining their reservation procedure which helps them to simplify their business operation.

  • :- As it's a competitive market, hotels are offering different exciting rates and promotional codes with a

    better service to tourists.

  • :- The hotels are also offering personalized service that

    attracts the tourists for a repeat stay.

  • :- The hotels should provide WIFI access to tourists as they

    always like to stay connected to emails while away from home.

  • :- Everybody loves room service but some tourists also like takeout services (Ex :- Sometimes, they also want a pizza to be delivered to their rooms).The hotels should have this facility

    that can help the tourist to save some from the bill.

  • :- The hotels should update property descriptions and photos in the website as most of the travelers want to see the value they are getting for their money in prior.

  • :- The travelers are also checking the hotel and guests online-interaction through the review section to know about how actively you are

    responding to it.

  • How to get good and consistent deals for your hotel?

  • Most of the hotels consider to work with tour operators, who can be helpful to get good business deals.

  • What are the pros and cons of working with tour operator?

  • If the hotels have partnership with the tour operator, it will earn less profit but the

    business will be consistent.

  • And without a tour operator, hotel will earn more profit but business will not be consistent enough.

  • Sometimes, hotels also join different authorities like (trade authority, tourist board etc ) to make a good business. Once

    you have joined, you should work accordingly rather than being lazy to fulfill the required demands.

  • How helpful is working with tour operators?

  • :- You will learn and develop a good working relationship.

  • :- Your hotel may receive high-spender tourists as a part of the deal.

  • :- The deal with operator also gives your hotel a consistent


  • Some other ideas for good tourist interaction :-

  • :- Collaborate your business with local amusement centers as that will give more

    enjoyment to the tourists.

  • :- Arrange special events where tourists can enjoy the local dishes and games.

  • :- Also, you can offer happy hours where the guests can enjoy the drinks and food at half price.

  • :- Always be flexible to make the tourist more special that will

    make a positive impact on your business.

  • What are the services and facilities needed for tourists?

  • 24-hour Room Service

    Car Rental Service

    Executive Health


    Foreign Exchange

  • There are some other compelling services for travelers :- Complementary breakfast

    :- Free WIFi access :- A free shuttle service to local tourist places etc.

  • Tips :- As per studies 62% travelers prefer green hotels and take Eco-friendly factors into consideration while

    booking a hotel.

  • Always be creative and follow positive ideas to get the attention of tourists to your hotel.

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