How to Avoid Mistakes in Writing Your Resume

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This presentation is intended to educate prospective job seekers on the best way of crafting their resumes and increasing their chances of getting invited for interviews.


  • 1. What Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Your ResumeHttp://
  • 2. What Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Your Resume Ninety- five percent of job seekers however submit to hiring managers resumes that are replete with errors and mistakes therefore becoming barriers to their being shortlisted for interviews. They hardly bother to go over their resumes to find out whether there are errors before submitting them. This is why such CV do not command a second look from hiring managers other than the initial consideration. A resume that will command a second look and and consequently be considered worthy of invitation for an interview must therefore be devoid of errors and mistakes.
  • 3. What Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Your Resume1. Improper research on self and the company putting job onoffer: Research makes you the employment seeker identify those skills, attitude and accomplishments which otherwise might have been hidden. With proper research the job hunter will be able to identify those needs of the company putting the job on offer that otherwise might have been hidden. Matching the job seekers skills, attitude and accomplishments with the needs of the job on offer and crafting appealing curriculum vitae that will win you an interview then becomes easier.
  • 4. What Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Your Resume2. Provision of improper and inadequate information: This is another vital mistake employment seekers often make that prevent them from writing an attention grabbing professional resume. Most job hunters concentrate on providing information on their personal details like date of birth, address, colleges attended, job history and the like leaving out what the employer actually needs. The employer however is only interested in the value and benefits you can bring to his company and nothing more. Any information outside these is inadequate and consequently worthless.
  • 5. What Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Your Resume3. Structural mistakes: Nine out of ten resumes being considered for short listing by any recruiter are filled with structural errors. They are often filled with mistakes such as grammatical, fond size, fond type, balancing between white space and resume etc. Research has shown that recruiters spend less than ten seconds skimming through a resume because of these errors which often eases their task. Avoiding these mistakes therefore make your CV more appealing and consequently enhances your chances of invitation for interview which is the objective of your resume.
  • 6. What Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Your ResumeHttp://