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  2. 2. Alexandra Gibson @Gibsondm CMO Event Farm o Event data fundamentals including the lingo o How to successfully create your organizational data map o Qualitative vs. Quantitative data: aka Contextual vs. Transactional o Tips and tricks to navigate the data game Joe Colangelo @JoeColangelo Co-Founder and CEO Bear Analytics, Inc.
  3. 3. Source: Josh James, DOMO -much-data-is-created-every-minute/ We Are Obsessed With Data
  4. 4. 3 Pillars of Data in Events 1) Data collection is accelerating 2) Data fidelity is higher than ever 3) Data is now a MEANINGFUL@BearAnalytic s
  5. 5. So what does it mean for me? Event Professional @BearAnalytic s
  6. 6. The Lingo Contextual vs. Transactional Structured vs. Unstructured Active vs. Passive
  7. 7. Yesterday: Events were Focused on Contextual Data Surveys Focus Groups Interviews Committees It still works! Based on a sample Lead and prep time Measured after an experience @BearAnalytic s #EventData
  8. 8. Transactional Data is the Future. @BearAnalytic s #EventData
  9. 9. Event Intelligence is Powered by Transactional Data Attendees engaging with systems dedicated to executing a transaction AND collecting behavioral information o Point of sale (registration) o Session scanners o Social media o Beacons/NFC wands o Speaker modules o Event apps o Desktop/Mobile engagement o Hotel pickup reports o Digital floor plan selection o Content consumption Ex: second screen apps o Wands/voting tools/kiosks @BearAnalytic s #EventData
  10. 10. Structured Unstructured Data that is assembled and stored in an ordered fashion. Conforms to a prescribed data model. Ex: Registration logs, app check- ins, session scans. Data not organized in a defined manner, typically text or contextual in nature. Ex: Facebook comments, Tweets, app comments, etc. @BearAnalytic s
  11. 11. Active Passive Data and or information that is generated directly by an action taken by an individual. Ex: Websites, email opens, in-app purchases, check-ins, exhibit scans, etc. Information generated and collected without an individual actively contributing to the generation process. Ex: Beacon, RFID, NFC, and other location-based technologies. @BearAnalytic s
  12. 12. Creating YOUR Data Map The detailed layout of all internal or external places where your event and/or organization is collecting and storing data. data map: [dey-tuh map]
  13. 13. Identify where YOUR data lives Sponsors Event Registration Members Exhibitors Publications Marketing Prospects Education Social Media Committees Where Does Your Data Live?
  14. 14. Where Does Your Data Live?
  15. 15. Clean and Consolidate the Information DuplicatesDuplicates Mispelings Abbrevs. Mis_ing data Misdirec Dirty Data is Part of the Job tion
  16. 16. Metrics that matter
  17. 17. Where are my VIPs hiding?
  18. 18. Loyalty GeographyTiming Engagement Revenu e EducationTim Johnson (#203- 465) When does Tim register, meet, share, engage? Who is Tim meeting and what content is he consuming? What is Tims willingness to travel or total event investment? How much is Tim paying to attend? Is he using comp codes or always registering early? How many times has Tim attended our event |session | hotel in the last 5 years? What sessions or CE is Tim attending? Metrics That Matter @BearAnalytic s #EventData
  19. 19. Behaviors > Demographics Before: All CEOs do X Now: Of all people who do X, 18% are C- Suite @BearAnalytic s #EventData
  20. 20. RESULT: Knowing Your Customer BETTER Target messaging Personalize experiences Lower delta between expectation and experience Acquisition costs are reduced @BearAnalytic s #EventData
  21. 21. Tips and
  22. 22. Leverage the Power of PartnersCollect master reports Emphasize data transparency Eat at your own restaurant
  23. 23. Do Not Fear the Findings2
  24. 24. Efficiency Compounds3
  25. 25. Celebrate the 4
  26. 26. Data Cuts Across Silos
  27. 27. IMPACT AREAS: Where data is generating efficiencies Marketing Attendee Experience Financial Are we driving more revenue, reducing our costs, and generating more profit? Are we marketing and monitoring our events more easily and with greater impact? Are we lowering the barrier to experience value for our attendees in real-time? @BearAnalytic s #EventData
  28. 28. m Joe Colangelo Co-Founder and CEO @JoeColangelo Thank You. @BearAnalytic s #EventData