how to build a wordpress website in 30 seconds!

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MMH013114 - How to build a WordPress Website in 30 seconds

How To Build A Wordpress Website In 30


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Our Agenda What Is Wordpress?

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What Is Wordpress? A blogging technology platform that allows

everyday people with very little knowledge about web design or coding to create a really good website. (if you can post on Facebook you can build a Wordpress website)

Its the most popular

Its FREE (Open Source)

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How Much Is Your Contact Manager Worth

A Very Supportive Community

Great leadership from the top down = rare

Kyle & Carson created a place that thrives and rewards members to help others

Every member is willing to help you succeed

Real Testimonial I am still in the learning process and I would like

to Thank all the wonderful WA community that has come together to help me along step by step. It truly is an amazing program and I feel very honored to be part of this. Beats losing all my money and not getting anything for it. "Knowledge is Power OSherrie

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