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My name is Janina Lear , I am so glad you have stopped by. I am passionate about helping businesses understand how powerful online marketing through Facebook really is. I want to help you get new business leads and more online visibility by driving more traffic to your site and show you how to really connect with your fan base. The world of Social Media can be very overwhelming to the newcomer and my goal is take that overwhelming feeling away and help you develop a strategy that suits you and your company’s needs.


  • 1. Why do I love Facebook for business? There are 1.2 billion people on FB. 699 million are on every day. 751 million mobile users so you know your audience is there also. It is you launching pad, its where your fans get to know you so you can build a community The best and fastest way to get something out there It is FREE Once you get the hang of it it is a quick and easy way to stay in touch with your current and potential customers There is so much you can set up and keep in Facebook so you dont lose people to the net.

2. Make sure you have a vanity URL 3. Claiming a Facebook URL If your page looks like this: You will want it to look like this: Reasons to have a Vanity URL for your Facebook Page are: Looks more professional Easier to remember Easier to share with customers Way more searchable on Facebook How to claim your Vanity URL 4. Make sure you have Facebook in your email signature 5. Dont forget business cards and other marketing items 6. Add buttons to your website 7. Invite people to like your page 8. Understand WHO your fan is 9. Graph Search 10. Create posts knowing what your audience likes 11. Make sure you get your dimensions right so all your gorgeous graphics fit beautifully and look professional. 12. Contact information (phone, website, email address) Calls to action (Tell your friends! Like us!, Arrows pointing to the Like button on your page) Discounts, purchase and price information Visuals that include liking or sharing your page This is prime real estate so use it wisely, get your message out there, make it attractive so people will want to delve further into your page and business. Be creative I love these next examples Timeline Image Rules 13. Make your timeline image clickable 14. Use your About section 15. How do I create tabs? Connect everything you do like Pinterest, Instagram, Mailing lists etc It is super easy to do, much easier than when I started out. The 2 best apps I can recommend are: Free for free apps like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc Free for up to 2000 fans for most simple things and then they increase to $30 a month Both are great and will give your page a good professional look If you a good at creating your own html code I can recommend using an app through Facebook called static HTML iframe app, you can identify it by the star. If you have a blog as I do, I can simply cut and paste my html coding and drop it straight Into the tab.voila!!!!! 16. # 1 Use Images that tell your story Photos on FB generate 53% more likes.thats huge!!! Select Images and then pop Captions on them Two of the best FREE sites you can use to create great visuals are and which is currently in beta version Try and be original and create your own rather than always sharing See what your fans respond to and post things you know they will love. Check out this great example from Stay at Home Mum, an award winning Australian site She has gone one step further and not only posted an image but something that her fans will want to try out and share Sharing a post sends your engagement through the roof 17. Just a little text on an image looks great and is very sharable 18. #2 Talk to fans like they are your friends, dont try and be something you are not, no need to be corporate, we dont live in that world any more, match your brand. 19. If you have a blog, it is good to lead people to your posts, get them to click through. Road Trips do a great job with these types of posts. 20. I also like when people sign off on their posts, especially if you have more than one person on your page 21. #3 Track your own results and timing Top reasons fans hide posts Posting too often Posting off relevant to your brand 22. #4 Vary Content Type Test short vs long posts Images VideosHow to? Questions/Polls Events Sales Tips/Helpful Information Fill in the Blanks FACEBOOK is NOT a ONE SIZE FITS ALL 23. # 5 Include Calls to Action (CTA) Two types of CTAs 1. Social Calls - HUGE increase In engagement 24. 2. Calls to Action to drive fans to your website or the following RSVP here Sign up Today Join the Mailing List here Click here Buy this. Make them really cleardont start making it too hard i.e Like this page, then add a comment and please share whilst dancing and eating your lunch 25. #6 Respond to Posts Did you know that: The average response time is 13.7 hours? But people would like you to answer in 30 Minutes..that is a lot of pressure 45 % of questions asked to businesss remained unanswered on social media Focus on good customer service and prompt responses. Its $$$$ in the bank. Make sure you @tag people in your replies so they get a notification or use the New REPLY feature on fan pages 26. #7 Give back to your Fans I see a few of these online and they seem to work really, really well. Be there for your fans Thursday Night Sales Friday expert i.e between 1-2 I will answer all questions on how to photograph in low light, how to cook the perfect steak or why do you _________ Fan Page Friday promote your business Fan of the week The purpose is to create good will, give them reasons to LIKE your page. Make it about fans not you. 27. #8 Run a Contest Make sure you follow Facebook guidelines. You can ask for a like but not a share Great way to create engagement and get more likes, make the prize good and relevant 28. Make sure you are getting their email address for your mailing list and make sure you tell them that will happen From experience I have found people dont respond well to voting competitions, if they dont have a lot of friends or feel uncomfortable asking they will abandon. Look at what others are doing to get some great ideas You no longer have to use a 3rd party app But I recommend using one. It is way more professional, trusted and and easier to track results I can recommend using 1.Shortstack 2.Easypromosaccess through Facebook. Free for the first one and then very cheap after that 29. #9 Pay for more reach and/or likes Promoted Posts Sponsored Stories Like Page Ads According to Citigroup, Facebook owns what's approaching about 20% market share in terms of web activity in the world. It's an unbelievable number. 30. Understanding the Options 31. #10 Facebook Etiquette Deal with your irate fans. Correct factual inaccuracies in a very tactful and pleasant way. NEVER delete a bad comment unless it is warranted. Dont forget that you can always take your conversation offline and publicly suggest that for all to see Respect the Wall. Your Wall is where your fans can leave messages and start a discussion on a topic. Think of your Wall as a place of public record, so avoid editing comments that you dont like and make sure youre professional and courteous to anyone posting. Thank fans for posting and make it fun for them and others. Do not ever post your business or event on someone elses page without permission. This is the height of rudeness. Credit anyone in business if you are using one of their images or information. Be authentic and transparent This one's fairly obvious by now but some business owners and brand managers still don't get it. Facebook members have little to no tolerance for phoniness or hidden agendas and can easily spot both. They do tend, however, to be forgiving. Be genuine and transparent. If you make a mistake, own up to it, do your best to resolve the issue, and then post back on the action you have taken Focus on quality, not quantity. As I mentioned earlier, it is less about likes and more about content and engagement. Try not to post messages like, "Help us out, we only need 150 more fans to reach 2,000," don't! Focus instead on the quality of your relationships. If the quality is high, the quantity will come organically.