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Step by step guide to change your Facebook Cover Photo. Includes marketing tips and photo strategy notes. Travel and tourism examples are included. For more information, please visit my blog


  • 1. Catherine Heeg Customized Management Solutions How to Change your Facebook Cover Photo

2. Why change your Cover Photo? 3. Heres How.. 4. Log in as an Admin Log in to your business page as an Admin. Youll know youre in the correct area when you see the Admin panel button as circled in green above. 5. #2 - Click Change Cover 6. Choose 1 of the above Choose from Page photosselect a photo that has already been shown on your page or in an album. Choose from MY photosselect a photo that you have previously uploaded to your personal page. Upload photoYoull be automatically directed to photos on your hard drive. 7. Select a photo and click OPEN Once you click Open the photo will automatically be moved to your Facebook Business page. It will appear in the Cover Photo section. Upload photoYoull be automatically directed to photos on your hard drive. 8. Finish! #1 - Drag with your mouse to reposition your new cover photo 9. Unique Look in Timeline Notice how the cover photo change is announced in the timeline feed. You can take advantage of more real estate and a unique look to your post. 10. Best Practices Change your Cover photo to reflect what youre selling NOW Update your Cover Photo to showcase your niche market Resize the photo as needed Add text to highlight your niche or contact info (check out image editing tools like PicMonkey or Canva) More info here: Repeat! 11. PhotoSources Own Photos Supplier Image Gallery Royalty Free sites 12. Add a description to your Cover Photo #1 - Click on your cover photo Click Edit to add and edit text 13. Travel Industry Examples More examples here: 14. More examples here: 15. Want more info on photo strategy? 16. 17. Build your Biz Travel, Tourism and Hospitality pros, join the conversation and grow your business. Click below for more social media knowledge for our industry. 18. Catherine J. Heeg Customized Management Solutions Phone: 403 726 0171 Fax: 403 726 0371 Twenty years from now youll be more disappointed by the things you didnt do than by the ones you did do. Mark Twain