how to conquer your fear of shooting street photography (gulf photo plus 2014)

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The slides I presented with my Gulf Photo Plus 2014 Photo Friday presentation: "How to Conquer Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography" Download my free e-book: "31 Days to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography" here: Learn more about street photography on my blog:


  • How to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography Eric Kim
  • Introduction
  • What is street photography to you?
  • What fears do you have when it comes to shooting street photography?
  • The Psychology of Fear in Street Photography
  • The Fears I used to Have in Street Photography
  • If your photos arent good enough, youre not close enough - Robert Capa
  • Street Photography GoPro POV Beverly Hills POV: feature=c4-overviewvl&list=PLE5DD74991A61FF7F
  • Tips to Conquer Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography
  • 1. Smile and say: Thank You
  • 2. Realize youre not doing anything wrong
  • 3. Think about the worst-case scenario
  • 4. When in doubt, click
  • 5. Ask for permission
  • 6. Talk with people afterwards It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter. - Alfred Eisenstaedt
  • 7. Shoot with a friend
  • 8. Compliment people (or explain why you took the photo)
  • 9. Show them the photo (and offer to email it to them/business card)
  • 10. Dont photograph their face
  • How to Be Invisible When Shooting on the Streets
  • 1. Pretend you are taking a photo of something behind them
  • 2. The Video Camera technique
  • 3. The Lost Tourist technique
  • 4. Click, hold, then move
  • 5. Use a small camera
  • 6. Zone focus
  • 6. Zone focus Example settings: Aperture-priority mode (or manual) Aperture: f/8-f/16 ISO: 400-3200 Distance: ~1.2 meters Shutter speed: Minimum 250th/sec (not blurry)
  • 7. Use a wide-angle prime lens
  • 8. Thoughts on Shooting from the Hip
  • Google my free E-Book
  • Q&A
  • Assignment Ideas 1. 5 yes & 5 nos 2. .7 meter challenge (Satoki Nagata) 3. 100 stranger portrait series (Danny Santos) 4. Shoot people through windows 5. Tourist in your own city


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