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<ul><li><p>How to CreateFree Video Tutorials</p><p>That Make MoneyWWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM</p></li><li><p>? ? ?Ask</p><p>PreliminaryQuestions</p><p>Who is yourTARGET audience?</p><p>What are theirGOALS?</p><p>What TOOLS &amp;RESOURCES will they</p><p>need to help themaccomplish their goals?</p><p>Do those tools andresources have</p><p>AFFILIATE PROGRAMS?This helps you determinethe best content to create</p><p>for your audience andhow to best help them.</p><p>WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM</p><p>?</p></li><li><p>Choose ONETOOL to start.</p><p>What will theyneed to know to</p><p>use that tool?</p><p>Create an OUTLINEof all the</p><p>necessary videos</p><p>Create a PRETTYLINK for the</p><p>Affiliate Program</p><p>Start by looking at what youuse to accomplish what your</p><p>audience is trying toaccomplish. If it has been</p><p>useful to you, it will probably beuseful to your audience as well.</p><p>ASK?</p><p>Types of videos you can create:Screen recording, you on cam, slideshow or a combination of any of the</p><p>above.</p><p>WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM</p><p>Plan YourVideo</p><p>Tutorials</p><p>Planning helps you to thinkabout the big picture and</p><p>create tutorials thataccomplish your goal to</p><p>make money. </p><p>What questions willthey have whenusing the tool?</p></li><li><p>0:04 / 0:45Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit,</p><p>sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna</p><p>smart phone</p><p>RECORD the videos.</p><p>EDIT the videos.</p><p>EXPORTthe videos.</p><p>Highlight certain features, add text to make yourcontent easier to follow and even remove any</p><p>mistakes to make your videos tighter</p><p>Export your videos from an editingformat into a format thats easy to</p><p>upload to a video streamingplatform.</p><p>WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM</p><p>Create YourVideos</p></li><li><p>WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM</p><p>Publish YourVideos</p><p>#2: Add videos to onecomprehensive post</p><p>#1: Add individual videosto individual posts</p><p>2 Options:Upload/embed videos in your BLOG POSTS </p><p>YouTube is the second most popularsearch engine on the internet. People go</p><p>directly to YouTube to search for How tocontent. </p><p>Upload videosto YOUTUBE</p></li><li><p>WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM</p><p>PromoteYour</p><p>Videos Share your tutorials on all of</p><p>the social networks you use tomarket your blog.</p><p>Your email list is the mosttargeted audience you have.</p><p>@</p><p>Reach out toyour NETWORK</p><p>REACH OUTto the</p><p>COMPANIES</p><p>Promote yourtutorials on</p><p>SOCIAL MEDIA</p><p>Promote yourTutorials</p><p>on YOUR BLOG</p><p>Send to yourEMAIL LIST</p></li><li><p>More on How to Create Video Tutorials That Make Money at</p></li></ul>