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1. How to Design Your Own Vinyl Sticker Nowadays, you will see bumper stickers in the car, notebooks, walls, letter. You can find Vinyl stickers in homes and everywhere. Designing a vinyl sticker is easy. You can make your own vinyl sticker. For doing this you will find several software. Besides you can also create it through online. Requirements: Printer Vinyl sticker stock Paper cutter Instructions: 1. First you need to choose a design. You should select an image which has High- contrast with clean edges and vibrant colors .Then you should scan the simple design. You can use it for the stickers. You can save the image. Always try to save the image as a JPEG. Try to print multiple stickers at one time. You can do it by repeating one or more designs across the 8 *11 inch pages. 2. You can start from scratch. Think about your design and use your computer's to draw it. You can use your computer for creating vector art. For finding the right 2. color you should experiment with color. When you can choose process or spot colors then your vinyl stickers print is well. 3. Always try to experiment with color for choosing the best one. If your art requires PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors, you should keep in mind that the finished image will only be as well as the printer you are using to output the stickers. 4. Then you should check the item to that the sticker will be affixed to make certain your image fits within that space. Sheets of vinyl stock should be the same size as 8 *11 inch paper . For this size this suit can be suitable for any printer. Normally A vinyl bumper sticker will easily match along with the stock's 11-inch area. Try to Center your art on a 10 1/2-inch horizontal line which will keep it within that parameter. 5. If your computer system has built in templates for stickers, then transfer the art from your illustration or scanning program. You should find how to instruction on the sticker package, if you are creating your own template. Then you can set up the art in Microsoft word or other page layout program. 6. You can load sheets of vinyl stock into the printer. For your satisfaction run a test sheet to be confirmed that stock is correctly loaded. 7. If the stock you have chosen is not already scored for separation, then separate the stickers by using a paper cutter. Tips: It is kept in mind that laser or ink jet printer will process vinyl stocks in different ways. So you should make certain the stock you buy whether self-cling or any other type--is suited to your printer. The ink may not set up on the sticker, if you buy the wrong vinyl stock. You should care about the printer is bundled with proper software. You should aware about that any software which you use to create your stickers is supported by your platform. BusinessCardPrinting FlyerPrinting PostcardPrinting PosterPrinting BannerPrinting BrochurePrinting StickerPrinting EDDMPrinting eddm.html