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no more traditional ways to find a job, create the difference


  • 1. HOW TO FIND A JOB USING ? Presented by : KHANNIBA Mohammed Supervisedby : Ms.MALAMANE
  • 2. Can you guess ?
  • 3. The lines arent airplanes
  • 4. They represent the real time constant flow of data across THE WORLD
  • 5. PLAN Why using social media ? Notions about personal branding Lets play the game
  • 6. WHWHY SOCIAL MEDIA ? social media ?
  • 7. 72% plan to spend more time recruiting via social media this year Half expect to spend less time on job boards The most Popular sites for Recruiters and HR prosecess LinkedIn (used by 95% of those who responded) Twitter (42%) Facebook (59%) Other (13%) MySpace (11%)
  • 8. 66% Have successfully hired a candidate through an online social network Only 24% of candidates disclose social networking presence
  • 10. Definition Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands
  • 11. You are the CEO of Me, Inc. Your job is to be the head marketer for the brand called You You need to adopt best practices Do your best and decide how you want to be judged. And act that way. Seth Godin
  • 12. LETS
  • 13. LETS PLAY
  • 14. The strategy is
  • 15. The strategy is Create-Connect-Engage
  • 16. Create Create content - Link to your website or blog Link to articles, resume Link to pictures, videos, podcasts Often Be of Value
  • 17. Connect
  • 18. Connect Be strategic ;)
  • 19. Engage Post/comment often Pose questions publicly to other members Answer queries The secret sauce for all social media is in the engagement.
  • 20. Engage Post/comment often Pose questions publicly to other members Answer queries The secret sauce for all social media is in the engagement. The more you connect, the more will come back to you.
  • 21. Build a presence on Does not cost money You need to devote the time Build your network Develop well-defined goals Follow through
  • 22. Step 1 Create a Compelling Profile Define yourself What youve done What you want to do How you want to be contacted What you want to be contacted about
  • 23. Step 2 Get the Most From Your Connections Groups Answers Jobs Network Updates -My personal favorite Recommendations
  • 24. Step 4 Manage your Social Network Continue to grow your network Answer questions, ask questions Participate in groups, start a group Once a month go through your profile and make sure it is up-to-date Every week send a note to a few people in your network
  • 25. BUT
  • 26. BUT WARNING!
  • 27. 34%of employers who scan social media profiles said they found content that has caused them not to hire the candidate. Some of the things that has employers dismiss job seekers after scanning their social media profiles are: - evidence of drinking and/or drug use - profile displayed poor communication skills - he/she bad mouthed previous employers - he/she made discriminatory comments related to race, gender, or religion - he/she lied about their qualifications
  • 28. DONT Be That He/She
  • 29. Just a Reminder !
  • 30. Give more than you receive Join the conversation and add value Dont attack others Dont sabotage the efforts of others Respect the community Build quality relationships Be accountable for your actions Be pleasant