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<ol><li> 1. LIVE WEBINAR: HOW TO GET50K EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS IN A YEARLearn how NoahKagan got 50k+email subscribers in10 simple activitiesBrought to you by: </li><li> 2. Meet Your Speakers:Moderator:@AmandaSibleyCampaigns Manager, HubSpotPresenter:@NoahKaganFounder, </li><li> 3. Housekeeping Notes Presentation will be recorded and sent outtomorrow to all attendees Interact with us in the questions panel </li><li> 4. And now on to the presentation50,000 Emails in 8 months,The Story </li><li> 5. The Zuckerberg PrincipleFOCUS ON 1 SPECIFIC GOAL </li><li> 6. Goal:50,000 EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS FOROKDORK.COM BEFORE 2015 </li><li> 7. Work Backwards from Your GoalMap out your planWant the tools for yourself?Grab them now </li><li> 8. Agenda:10 steps to generate 50,000+ subscribers1. Ask for Emails2. Launch a Course via Email3. Scale Your Content4. Optimized Guest Posting5. Giveaways6. Content Upgrades7. Recycling Content8. Facebook Advertising9. Community Involvement10. Syndication </li><li> 9. Ask for Emails </li><li> 10. Ask Nicely </li><li> 11. Gate Your Homepage </li><li> 12. Use Scroll Box or List Builder </li><li> 13. Optimize Why Someone Should Join </li><li> 14. Remove Page Distractions </li><li> 15. Optimize Top PagesDrive traffic to agated offer from yourtop webpages orblog posts </li><li> 16. Realize Most People Dont ReadMove CTAhigher up on yourposts! </li><li> 17. The Results?Increase conversion rate from 3% 10% </li><li> 18. Launch a Course2 Via Email </li><li> 19. Launch Campaign W/ Email Sign-Up </li><li> 20. Plan Course Promotion In Advance </li><li> 21. The Results?9,000Emails*Gettemplate+emaillaunchsequenceforfreeat:h6p:// </li><li> 22. 3 Scale Your Content </li><li> 23. LONG CONTENT = MORE EMAILS </li><li> 24. SOLUTION: GUEST BLOGGERS W/UNIQUE CONTENT </li><li> 25. The Results?6,000EmailsEmail tally so far:15,000 </li><li> 26. Optimized Guest4 Posting </li><li> 27. Create Relationships with External Blog Sites </li><li> 28. Include Bonus Materials Linking to Your Site </li><li> 29. 1. Use to find key articles2. Email with 3 titles in your proposal3. Create optimized landing page.See it now at:Critical! </li><li> 30. The Results?5,000EmailsEmail tally so far:20,000 </li><li> 31. Intermission: Go and do 1optimization now!5 Minute Q&amp;A + </li><li> 32. 5 Giveaways </li><li> 33. Example Giveaway: </li><li> 34. Critical!1. Use code: HUBSPOTROCKS2. Get promoters confirmed BEFORE you launch3. Remind entrants to re-promote on the last day </li><li> 35. The Results?10,000EmailsEmail tally so far:30,000 </li><li> 36. Offer ContentUpgrades 6 </li><li> 37. Incentivize your readersOffer email bonusfor subscribing </li><li> 38. Bonus Area </li><li> 39. The Results?4,000EmailsEmail tally so far:34,000 </li><li> 40. 7 Recycle Content </li><li> 41. Re-promote Every 30 Days </li><li> 42. The Results?1,500EmailsEmail tally so far:35,500 </li><li> 43. Social Advertising toPromote Content 8 </li><li> 44. Facebook Advertising </li><li> 45. The Results Spent $22,614 Generated 11,873 emails CPA = $1.90 </li><li> 46. The Results?12,000EmailsEmail tally so far:47,500 </li><li> 47. Get Involved in9 Communities </li><li> 48. Pro Tip: Be helpful &amp; participateover the long term. Createrelationships.DEVELOP AN INNER-CIRCLE </li><li> 49. Example: Growth Hackers </li><li> 50. The Results?2,500EmailsEmail tally so far:50,000 </li><li> 51. 10 Serve and Repeat </li><li> 52. Repackage Your Content </li><li> 53. The Results? </li><li> 54. The Results?5,000EmailsEmail tally so far:55,000 </li><li> 55. Final Email Subscriber Tally:55,000Email Subscribers400%Increase in Traffic </li><li> 56. But wait, theres moreWant all the resources / links mentioned? </li><li> 57. SumoMe.comFree Tools to IncreaseTraffic &amp; Email Subscribers </li><li> 58. QUESTIONS? </li><li> 59. THANK YOU </li></ol>