how to get into open source and contribute

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Abhinav Badola's slide about open source contribution


  • 1. How to get into open source and contribute..?

2. Start using Linux and Open Source Softwares 3. Find your interests 4. Find the Project that resembles your interests.. 5. Contact the team who is involved with the Project.. 6. Do you have the Required Skills..? 7. Ask the team for the resources to get started.. 8. Learn the required skills 9. Choose a Junior-Job 10. Get Started with the Project..!! 11. Be in contact with the community. 12. Thats All Folks..!! 13. How to be successfully employed..? 14. The current thinking and misconceptions If I have a strong profile, I will get into an awesome company (True / False) I have learned all the skills - being certified means I have learned the required skills (True / False) 15. Always have a top down approach..!! 16. Find the Profile that is required in the Market.. 17. Analyze the skills that are required.. 18. Learn the Skills, according to the required Profile.