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  • 12/27/2016 How to get more subscribers 1/9

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    / How To Get More Email Subscribers - Top strategies to increase quality subscriptions

    How to get more subscribersTop strategies to increase quality subscriptions

    How To Get More EmailSubscribers - Top strategies toincrease quality subscriptions


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  • 12/27/2016 How to get more subscribers 2/9

    As a new blogger andonline marketer, Im continuously looking tolearn to improve my craft so today Ill share 23 tips that i learntand will be applying over the next two weeks to get moresubscribers and am sharing with you. I will write an update articleon January 20th to let you know what improvements i saw.

    1)Invest time upfront in research. Research keywords andcompetition before you write your blog post. This will make a hugedifference about where you rank and how well your post isreceived. Ive already been doing this somewhat and its now toconsistently do it. I find google adwords a great tool in thisendeavour, followed by doing an actual search on the topic Imlooking to blog about to see what else is out there.

    2)Ensure your blog site is fast to load and the faster you can makeit the more conversions you can have. I found a really great articlethat I will review again on this topic that Ill share with you:

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    3)What ever improvements or tools you use, track your stats soyou can see whats working and whats not. Which blog post getsthe most views, interaction and comments and which dont andtry to investigate why ones that succeeded did so you canreplicate and hopefully multiple that success.

    4)Consider incorporate cool plugins into your website and blog.One that was suggested is What Would Seth Godin Do. Thisputs a little dialogue box at the top of your post and welcomespeople based on cookies so that new visitors get a messageunique to them. For example, people that come through fromtwitter, you can say, hey there twitter use and then point them to apost that you think might be of value to them.

    5)Take time to make genuine connections. When you make theright connections with other bloggers, you are more likely to growand grow quickly as they will help you promote plus give you goodadvice on how to improve.

    6)When you start off, consider guest blogging on other peoplesblogs to increase your blogs visibility. Often when you start off,you are creating great content, yet very few know that you arethere.

    7)Imbed some rich media into your blog such as podcast, videos,info graphics and the such. It engages your audience more. I findive been doing this off and on with good results and so will striveto do this more.

    8)Free ebook giveaways still work especially with the rise inportable devices so if you have a good ebook to give away, dothat for instant impact.

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    9)Make it ridiculously easy for some one to sign up. Minimize thenumber of clicks, require only an email and ensure that email boxis easy to complete.

    10)Have you seen those opt-in forms that already come pre-filledwith instructions, such as Enter Your Email Address? Simplethongs, like making sure that text disappear the moment someoneclicks in that input field can make a difference.

    A little extra scripting is all you need.

    Heres a script you can use to make your input field text disappearwhen the user clicks:

    11) Create amazing content that people will want to read all thetime. Ensure you are consistently giving valuable content that oursubscribers will look forward to. When you create consistentvalue-added content, people will want to follow you.

    12) Have a great call to action when you are asking people to signup to receive something from you. so for example rather thansaying subscribe for weekly updates, you can say want amazing

  • 12/27/2016 How to get more subscribers 5/9

    step by step actionable online marketing advice to your inboxweekly? Join the other 20,000 smart content creators alreadyreceiving my weekly insights here:

    13)Ask and ask and ask again. Have a call to action on each ofyour pages, at the end of each blog posts. eg: If you like this post,you might enjoy subscribing to our newsletter Sometimespeople need to see something multiple times and also having it oneach minimizes the searching and increases the ease to say yesby your visitor.

    14)Split test- alternate presentation, the wording of your call toaction, size, location, style (slide up bars or side bars for exampleand pop up still work when done strategically) and colour to seewhich yields the best results. Small tweaks can result in hugeimprovements.

  • 12/27/2016 How to get more subscribers 6/9

    15)Make each call to action interactive to catch their attention. Forexample have it flash or change colour when your visitor scrollsover it.

    16)Encourage your subscribers to forward or share your contentwhere there is always a way included for new subscribers to jointhrough some offer in the email itself.

    17) Maximize the quality of the content that shows up in yourrecipients preview pane, particularly if you are encouragingsubscribers to share/forward content.

    Each program has a limit on how many characters can becontained in this snippet, but the number of characters isnt nearlyas important as the content. Consider the scenario where the userwanted to forward your newsletter to a friend. What would thefriend see in their preview pane?

    18)Integrate the option to sign up on your Facebook personalpage. Both Aweber and Mailchimp offer this integration.

    19) Craft your subject lines of your blogs and email like tweets.Short, sweet and attention grabbing!

    20) Creating a free lead generation twitter card and then pinning itto the top of your page

    Create your first Lead Generation card. Write out the CTA and textthat you want to appear, upload a banner photo, and add yourwebsites privacy policy (you can create a policy here if you donthave one).Share your Lead Gen card as a tweet on your profile.This is apparently free, heres more info:

  • 12/27/2016 How to get more subscribers 7/9

    21) Share your blog post on and opt in to thelead capture form. Consider placing a couple slides into yourpresentation so the person has gotten value from you first beforeyou ask them to opt in. Ive been sharing my blogs on slideshareyer wondered how effective that lead capture function was so nowits on my list of things to try.

    22)Create and embed a free quiz in your website with People love doing quizzes and gettingsome insight from their responses, add a value added quiz,provide a nice experience then offer an opt-in specific to subgrouping of results for optimal subscription.

    23) Last but not least, redirect those comments. Redirectingpeople who comment to a thank you page using a simpleplugin. As soon as someone leaves a comment for the first timetheyll get redirected to a little page that thanks them for theirinteraction and shows them the mailing list and some other coolcontent. This functionality supposedly converts quite well. Ill haveto research further re cost versus benefit depending on your stageof growth.

  • 12/27/2016 How to get more subscribers 8/9

    So here you have it, 23 tips that you can implement today to helpyou attract more subscribers. Do leave your thoughts and ideaswith a comment and share with other like minded individuals. Feelfree to subscribe to get updates when i post my other blogs:

    I hope you received value from list of 22 tips on how to get moresubscribers.

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