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  1. 1. How to Get More Followers on Social Media
  2. 2. (Without buying them or annoying the heck out of people.)
  3. 3. What well cover today 7 steps to growing your social accounts Some things you DONT want to do (i.e. surefire ways to annoy people) Super secret hacks for Twitter and Facebook
  4. 4. Be social on social from Day 1 Dont use the But I have no followers excuse Social media is like a snowball - it wont get bigger if you dont start rolling.
  5. 5. Trick out your profiles Make sure people can easily see who you are/what youre about Include links to your site and/or other social profiles Use a picture of yourself for your profile pic Let people know youre human! Create eye-catching header images
  6. 6. Trick out your profiles
  7. 7. Trick out your profiles
  8. 8. Trick out your profiles Super secret tip: Use pinned tweets to highlight a great post, your about page, or an offer.
  9. 9. Trick out your profiles Super secret tip: Use pinned tweets!
  10. 10. Trick out your profiles Super secret tip: Use Canva for your images!
  11. 11. Send traffic to your new accounts Mention your accounts in new blog posts Make sure people can easily find your social profiles on your website
  12. 12. Send traffic to your new accounts Cross promote Consider doing some guest posting/interviews Reach out to already-established sites in your industry
  13. 13. Share killer content Focus more on providing value to your followers than promoting yourself Post updates that will help you get shares and engagement Visual tweets OPC / content you see getting great engagement elsewhere
  14. 14. Share killer content
  15. 15. Share killer content
  16. 16. Follow others Start with people you already like Follow others in your industry Follow people using hashtags you use, too See who the big shots are following Follow the people who follow them, too
  17. 17. Follow others
  18. 18. Be active and get engaged You know, actually BE SOCIAL on social media Tweet to others in your industry Comment on other Facebook pages Get involved in Twitter chats
  19. 19. Be active and get engaged Thank people personally for shares/mentions
  20. 20. Be patient and consistent Remember: Its a marathon, not a sprint!
  21. 21. Things you DONT want to do Beg people to share/RT/follow you Post links where you shouldnt be posting them i.e. whenever they are unsolicited
  22. 22. OK Not OK
  23. 23. Things you DONT want to do Play the follow/unfollow game What is it? Blindly following as many people as possible and then unfollowing them if they dont follow you back (And then sometimes re-following and unfollowing the same people over and over)
  24. 24. Things you DONT want to do Play the follow/unfollow game Why not? Engagement matters more than the number of followers you have The followers you get from the game may not be relevant, and therefore your engagement will reflect this People can tell when youre playing the game
  25. 25. Making following people part of your overall social media strategy is FINE. But only when your follow tactics are targeted, and youre being thoughtful about who youre following.
  26. 26. Automatic messages: Do or Dont? Pros: People who use them say they DO work Its an easy way to cross-promote your accounts Cons: They are clearly automated - and therefore extra impersonal You can alienate parts of your audience who hate auto-DMs People WILL un-follow you
  27. 27. Automatic messages: Do or Dont? As of 2014, auto-DMs were the #1 reason given by Twitter users for unfollowing someone.
  28. 28. Super secret tip: Twitter Embrace Twitter lists! Search Google for them Use an IFTTT recipe to add people to lists (Like people who use a certain hashtag)
  29. 29. Super secret tip: Facebook You can invite strangers to like your Page! How do you find them? When they like a photo/link/status of yours that they see a friend of theirs liking or sharing Why would you want to do this? Because theyve already liked your content! So, chances are, they would be interested in more.
  30. 30. Super secret tip: Facebook
  31. 31. Discussion time! 1. What are some ways YOU have tried to grow your social following? What worked? What didn t? 2. Are you going to try something you havent tried before thanks to this webinar?