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10 tips for getting more referrals. This presentation shares a simple approach to nurturing people who refer business to you, so you get more referrals without ever having to ask for them.


  • 1. How to Get More Referrals 10 Tips for Nurturing People Who Refer Judy Schramm, CEO ProResource, Inc. Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 2. How Do You Nurture People Who Refer? STAY IN TOUCH WITH SIMPLE, FRIENDLY EMAILS Here are 10 topics you can write about Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 3. How to Nurture Referrers 1. Tell stories. People who are going to refer business need to have anecdotes they can share. Given them stories they can tell about what you do and how it helps people. Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 4. How to Nurture Referrers 2. Share results. The more success stories you tell them, the stronger their belief in your abilities becomes. Share lots of details (and statistics) about how well your products and services work. Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 5. How to Nurture Referrers 3. Explain the steps. Give them insider tips about what you do and why your products or services work so well. You dont have to give away any secrets - just tell them things most people dont know. Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 6. How to Nurture Referrers 4. Thank others who refer. When you let people who refer know that others are also referring customers to you, it makes them feel safer about making referrals themselves. Thank early and often! Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 7. How to Nurture Referrers 5. Be talkable. What are you doing thats unusual or noteworthy? Make sure the people who refer know about it. Everyone wants to be associated with people who are interesting. (It makes them look good when they tell people about you.) Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 8. How to Nurture Referrers 6. Create occasions to refer. Can you provide information or gifts they can pass along or share with others? For example, give them an ebook or podcast they can forward. Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 9. How to Nurture Referrers 7. Brag a little. Have you won an award, achieved a milestone, closed a big deal? Let the people who refer know about it. You are reinforcing their belief that you do good work by showing that others think so too. Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 10. How to Nurture Referrers 8. Why your company? People who refer are acting as your sales force. Its good to remind them from time to time why people enjoy doing business with you. Make sure you talk about your value proposition and what separates you from competitors. Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 11. How to Nurture Referrers 9. Share testimonials. When you get quotes from customers or partners, make sure you share them with the people who refer. Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 12. How to Nurture Referrers 10. Give special treats. You can build an entire business on referrals. These are often the fastestclosing deals and biggest sales you make. Invest a little in special thank-you gifts for people who make referrals. Its better if you dont spend a lot just send small tokens that show you are thinking about them and appreciate them. Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.
  • 13. Questions? 13 Judy Schramm ProResource, Inc. +1 703-824-8482 Twitter: @proresource Blog: We design LinkedIn lead generation and lead nurturing programs for B2B tech firms. Copyright 2011 ProResource, Inc.