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Directed by Ana Hoffman, The actual hard work done by Mauro D'Andrea, It's good to be the Queen! Twitter. Can't live with it, can't live without. Even when Traffic Generation Caf was a brand new blog, I did one thing VERY well: drive traffic from Twitter by getting more and more Twitter followers each day. I followed three rules: automation, the right bait, and the right foundation. Learn more about those rules and how to actually apply them to your business to get more Twitter followers. Also, let me be upfront: you can't do it without Tweet Adder. There's no way you can learn how to get enough Twitter followers by hand - an amount that makes a difference that is. So get your Tweet Adder here: Click and enter AH20 at checkout to get your 20% off discount. Also see my full Tweet Adder review if you need more information:


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2. Being on Twitter is a Must 3. Your Audience is on Twitter 4. Posts with More Retweets GetBetter Rankings on Google 5. If You Get Lots of RetweetsYoull Show Social Proof 6. Your Stuff CanEasily Go Viral on Twitter 7. 5 Steps to GetREAL Followers 8. 1 Search forTargeted Followers 9. Search for leaders in your niche. 10. Screen for people who have 2000+ followers. 11. Their followers may be interestend in your stuff too. 12. 2 StartFollowing People 13. Follow the leadersfollowers. 14. ATTENTION: dont break Twitter Rules. 15. Dont follow 1000 people per day, start with 100, going to 300 on a more established account. 16. Unfollow who doesnt follow you in few days. 17. 3 Send aKiller Direct Message 18. Use direct messages to bring people to your blog. 19. Make an offer that they cant refuse. 20. Do you wantan example? 21. Invite them to promote their stuff. 22. 4ProvideQuality Content 23. Your new followers arent loving you yet. 24. Provide quality content to build your relationships. 25. Tweet your best posts. 26. Share others great stuff too. 27. 5Monitor YourMentions 28. Respond to peoples questions. 29. Say thank you to people who retweet your stuff. 30. Talk with people who mention you. 31. Engage people. 32. Now Go!Your Audience is Waiting on Twitter 33. Do You Want to Get MoreTwitter Followers Fast? 34. Get More Followers FASTwith Twitter Adder