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How To Get Motivated To Do Anything
2014 Colin G Smith

What is Motivation?

Knowing what motivation is, and the easiest ways to get motivated, will help you in getting motivated for any task, whether its temporary or permanent.

What Is It? Motivation is the willingness to complete a task.

Motivating Yourself

Motivation is a common thread in sports, dream pursuing, and exercising, as most of the times we find ourselves avoiding certain tasks because they are difficult or an inconvenience.

While this may be fine for some people, many of us will find that bettering ourselves, both physically and mentally, requires some sort of motivation.

Completing high school? Motivation. Getting a job? Motivation.

Almost everything you do, that forces you to work hard on both yourself and your surrounding area, is down to motivating yourself.

Motivation: How to Get it

The great thing about motivation, is it doesn't require a sudden, drastic improvement in yourself, its more to do with taking baby steps towards whatever goal you set forth.

Are you looking for that promotion at your job? While it will require some motivation to push past your current job status, it doesn't require you to over-work yourself.

Take small steps For example you could make sure the tasks that you are required to complete at your job are not only completed, but completed in a quicker time than your usual completion rate.

What follows are Three Simple Ways to Boost Your Motivation Instantly!...

1. The Why?

Ask yourself, Why is this goal important to me?

You can then repeat the question on that answer to reveal more of your motivating values such as; a sense of freedom, satisfaction, excitement, fulfilment etc.

2. Movie Music

A) Think of the activity you want to get motivated about.

B) Think of some motivating music. (eg Military marching music, dance music, rock music...)

C) Now over there on a movie screen you can see yourself doing the activity and you can hear the motivating music loud and clear.

D) Step into the scene and imagine doing the activity whilst hearing the music inside your mind. Is the music you selected motivating you?

3. Physiology Change

A) Remember a time you were really motivated to do something and notice what your posture was like at the time. How were you standing, what was your head position, how did you breath, what was your pulse rate like etc?

B) Now shift into this posture and feel the difference whilst thinking about the thing you want to get motivated about.

Inspired Motivation

Its also useful to be motivated with the inspiration of others. Find a role model to be inspired by, whether it be a family member, a famous actor, or a business guru.

Their story of inspiration can make you believe it is possible to achieve a goal. Daily contemplation on the achievement of your goal will keep it fresh in your mind.

Don't set a goal that is too difficult, but have a goal that stretches you. The most challenging of goals, while they may be more difficult to complete, are usually the most rewarding and satisfying to us.