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  • 1. idea of study time is rather boring to most students, many students would rather bedoing other things than opening up their text books. A lot of the time you can quite merelyget bored and go off to do something else if it means the opportunity of setting aside yourtext books. When you find yourself in that type of position for any period of time, then it istime to look at making some adjustments to your daily routines and your view with regardsto keeping your motivation up. Here are some points you ought to take into considerationfor a proper study procedure.1. One of the first things you have to do is define a realistic expectation before you beginto study. The possabilty is there to cram a weeks worth of lessons into a nights study. Agood idea is to have a firm time every day dedicated to your study, and you can possiblyuse your phone alarm to alert you to the time. When study time commences, you haltwhatever it was you are doing and then your study commences.2. When it is time to study you must find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed andthen you can commence your studies. Be certain that there are no distractions in this roomlike other students or a TV. Dont think about studying as something thats very hard andboring, instead, think of happy thoughts before you begin your studying session. Getting asense of accomplishment and visualizing that impression of accomplishment will make thestudy session easier. There will be times when you just lack the motivation to study whenstudy time is on you, write out your goals and read them out to yourself.3. You ought section off all your homework and notes on your studies. When you have letssay two chapters to review, you should break each of those chapters into smallersegments. You will invariably get subjects you dont like to study, when you get these youought get them out of the way first. A good idea to keep your interest in study is choosesubjects you have an interest in. As you finish a section, take some time off your study asa bit of a reward. You could have a walk to stretch your legs or grab a snack. Always keepin mind that this is only a little break because you must resume to your studies.4. A final helpful tip is to produce yourself a regular study regime and get into the habit ofstudy. This will become a daily habit and resolve your study challenges.Keep these things in mind. Never browse the net or do any text messaging whilst studying.Of all the distraction a student has, these are the most tempting. Any problem areas in anytopic, you should get help from a teacher or tutor. A great idea is to focus your attention onthe study you have completed, and not on how much left to go.