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<ul><li><p>How to get subscribers to forward your emails </p><p> Theres a certain amount of happiness and pride when you see that your content gets shared by the </p><p>subscribers. You also get a sense of reassurance that your content was a high-quality one and that </p><p>the people who shared it believed that other people should view it also! This translates into more </p><p>visitors for you and higher chances at generating leads! Who wouldnt want that?! To make things </p><p>easier for you, we will offer some key tactics that encourage your subscribers to forward your emails. </p><p>These tactics are used by the best affiliate sites! </p><p>Personalize </p><p>It may sound like a contradiction, but if you send a custom email to an individual subscriber, its more </p><p>likely for that message to be forwarded to others. A tailored email does not mean that you have to </p><p>include the users first name or other superficial forms of personalization. No! Instead, do as the best </p><p>affiliates sites do, and pay attention to the dynamic content and other, more deeply personal </p><p>content. It appears that the top 1% of forwarded emails involved including photos of the recipient or </p><p>their friends and family members from an event they all attended. It makes perfect sense that a </p><p>message like that would be forwarded! </p><p>Share of Social and also Forward This Email </p><p>The best tactic to encourage your subscribers to forward the email you send them is by directly invite </p><p>them to a CTA. Place a Share with your network button in the message you send, along with the </p><p>social network buttons. The Share with you network button should be placed right next to the </p><p>message, so people see it easier! The best affiliate sites encourage their subscribers to share the </p><p>email content, and they get great results while doing so! </p><p>A simple message </p><p>The messages that get shared the most have a very simple design! Nothing complicated there! The </p><p>popular messages are visually very simple, have a clear message hierarchy and are incredibly concise </p><p>and to the point. This makes it clear that a simple message communicated is appealing and is </p><p></p></li><li><p>forwarded. The best affiliate sites understood this and taken the appropriate approach in creating </p><p>simple, yet effective email messages. </p><p>Small audience, more virality </p><p>Small, niche affiliate sites have a distinct advantage when it comes to forwards per open for their </p><p>email campaigns. The more pointed content included by the best affiliate sites in their emails causes </p><p>more subscribers to forward it. This makes a lot of sense when you think about it! People are more </p><p>inclined to forward an email from a site thats dedicated to one major theme, rather than a site thats </p><p>more general when it comes to content. </p><p>In conclusion </p><p>The email you send increases your reach as an affiliate, makes people hear about you and aids in </p><p>customer acquisition. The email also boosts email engagement and leads to higher conversion rates </p><p>and sales. If the best affiliate sites can do it, so can you! Good luck and let the Shares keep on </p><p>coming! </p><p></p></li></ul>