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It takes more than an idea and a microphone to make it in podcasting. In this infographic, get 21 tested tips for making and sustaining a successful podcast.


  • 1. 21 TipsTo MAXIMISE YOUR PODCASTING RESULTSPodcasting is an easy way to create content and get it out there.Youll get recognized and you can create a solid fan base.lts a way to reach people,move people,help people,and create change.If you are into podcasting,here are great tips to follow in order to maximize your results: Use the iTunes market platform. Submit your audio interviews to iTunes.Fietrocast previously recorded audio files asiTunes episodes.iTunes is so influential that even if you dont broadcast or syndicate your episode to social media,it will get pushed automatically to your listeners devices if they have subscribed to your podcast.Build Promote through momentum multiple channels. IIIIIIIIIII[Bank on your previous appearances or episodes.Use your email list to ignite your podcast.If you dont have a previous show,run some Facebook ads.Send people to your most controversial episode or interview the most famous person you can.Put your best efforts in the first episode. Make it the most interesting episode in your podcast it will probably have the most number of listens and downloads because listeners will go and listen to it when they find your show and like it.Make sure to make the content compelling and clear enough for listeners to understand the premise of the show.Then release your episodes in quick succession.Do this by pre-recording your episodes. 6 Choose the rightbusiness model. Podcasting can be a product,a piece of content,a traffic source,a promotion channel,a lead generator and more.But $A.Podcasting as a product:This means featuring a sponsor on the show.Podcasting is where the whole business is built and it becomes the medium of choice for publishing.The podcast is usually monetizedthrough ads and Sponsor your sponsorships. own podcast.*B.Podcasting as a traffic source:This is the concept of OwnTheRacecourse,which means building your business based on your property.Be a versatile business owner.Publish your content through different media types and sites that will lead people back to your website. mostly it is used according to these 2 purposes:Turn your listeners into customers. Move them to take action and become your subscribers.Direct them to your website so they can explore the solutions you offer. #55PrOdUCe premium Have a re| e/ ant Content.Opt_in_Every post should have a specific optin.lts one way to leverage from your market. Offer great content to encourage your audience to listen to your episodes and then go back to your website to get more.Provide high value content through videos,transcriptions,PDFs,or information graphics. Update your email list. (9Invest in good qualityLet people know that youve uploaded anew episode.That g V 5 production- Wm drive more traffic Honor your listeners time by to your S'tei Wh'Ch ' providing them with good 'e~= dS *0 more quality audio.Good audio is dowmoads for Your rewarded and appreciated. episode Make your show easy for people to listen to.Produce a showlike podcast.Include an Have a premise for ltlOdUCTlO bumper and an your Show outro bumper.Add a call to action.A quality mic is a must. Make sure that your show has character and it is able to stand by its principle all throughout the show.Create a highly entertaining show. @ Consider other elements that get attention. Every episode should be accompanied by a picture,and make sure to use a readable image.Pictures are easier to share on social media sites and the visual platform is a very effective engagementbuilding platform.Also,usewidgets as these easily pop up in social media streams,which is a great way to get more attention. Be controversial. Its a way to get peoples attention.Boring content wont get shared on Twitter,but a sensational onewill likely get more tweets and comments on social media or evenBe sensible about Syndicate your episodes.()ptimisation_Use different ways to do so:email yourcustomer list,mention it on your Facebookpage,talk about it on your Google+ page,=*"Tweet about it. You dont want yourW f 3+ y Dodcast to appear spammy.A Keyword stuffing the titles and episodes can look like_ a cheap trick.Just provide Invite famous a fair and accurateguests.description of your show. Find someone with a big audience and use the flattery promotion technique.Build momentum toward the live episode date to gain more audience.Make sure to create an agreement with your guest that it isok to publish.Make them feel comfortable throughout the interview.Leverage the time you spend on your podcast. To get the most out of your podcast: A.Appear on someone elses show.B.Create a byproduct from the same content.Podcasting is a powerful strategy for getting your content out in the marketplace.You too could learn how to make your podcast one of your most important businessbuilding tools.Get access to training materials that can improve your skills and maximize your results: http: //www. superfastbusiness. com/ productslbusinessl.Designed by(guperfastbusiness


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