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  • Enable social sharing in emails Email marketing providers most likely

    have the option to enable a social sharing feature, which will allow your

    readers to share it on their channels or forward to a friend. This can help

    you attain significant growth for your list.

    Add a sign up form on your Facebook page Facebook is the worlds most

    popular social media network. Its important to include a sign up form

    directly on your Facebook page to encourage visitors to provide contact

    and other information. You can completely customize the form for your

    page to capture the information you want or need for your email marketing


    As an email marketer, growing your contact list is imperative to a successful

    business. You cannot solely rely on business from your returning customers.

    Growth for your business must also come from new customers. Here are a few

    tips from to help you grow your email contact list.


    #1 Brick and Mortar

    # 2 Virtually


    # 3 Social Media

    Collect email addresses at checkout Have your employees ask customers for

    their email addresses when they pass through check out. To add a little

    encouragement behind this, hold an internal contest to see which employee

    can collect the most email addresses. You can also have a section in your

    self-checkout area which will allow your customers to sign up on their own.

    17% of Americans create a new

    email address every six months

    59% of respondents are more likely to trust

    brands that integrate social media.

    29% of email marketing grew their list immensely by

    offering a white paper or other premium content.

    Discounts, coupons and sweepstakes helped

    companies list growth by 29%.

    The top three most important email marketing

    initiatives for companies include increasing

    subscriber engagement, improving segmentation

    and targeting, and growing their opt-in email lists.

    30% of subscribers change email

    addresses annually

    Add a pop up window on your site This is often

    seen on retail websites these days. As soon as you

    head to the website you see a pop up that asks for an

    email address and usually offers an incentive such as

    10-15 percent off. Offering an incentive in the pop-up

    window is a sure fire way to grow your list.

    Present a webinar Many companies host online

    webinars as a way to share or demonstrate their

    products or services. This is a very common (and

    successful) way to build you list. By hosting a webinar

    you are collecting your customers information that

    can later be used for lead nurturing.

    In their opt-out confirmations, 25% of email marketers told unsubscribers how

    long it would be before they stopped receiving email, setting expectations and

    potentially softening the negative effect of post-unsubscribe messages.

    Hosting/presenting a webinar assisted 19% of email marketers when trying to grow their lists.

    Build your lists at events Are you holding a company event? Or attending

    a trade show? These places are the perfect spot to boost you email lists.

    Have tablets or laptops set up so that attendees can easily pop their

    information in for you or even easier, quickly scan their

    attendance badges. From there, you can

    automatically upload the data into an

    email marketing service which can start

    the flow of drip campaigns if you

    have them set up.