how to hack bluetooth mobile

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How to Hack Bluetooth mobile.

The following screenshot explain how you could use a Linux fedora core 3 running the program to hack via Bluetooth into Nokia 6600 (Other version will also work but require minor program modification.

1. Start the Bluetooth Hardware from your Laptop (ie. - FN + F5 for IBM laptop)

2. Start the service for Bluetooth on your Fedora Server (See Below:)


3. Load the Bluetooth Module (Required for Bluz)

4. Bind the Bluetooth Device to the Computer rfcomm0 port (make sure the port is being created if its missing)

5. Modify Parameter in the Program and run the program

6. should find the Mobile Devices (Phone, etc) which has Bluetooth enabled

7. Connect to the device Found (in a binding Manner) and start extracting information from device (phone must accept)

8. Reading and Sending SMS (The messages must still need to be converted to appropriate character)

9. Extract Last 5 dial, missed and received calls. (This require more program hacking to be successful)

10. Adding entries into the Phone book and reading the first 5 entries in the phone book (require more program hacking)

11. Making a call from the mobile (can be useful for spying on someone)

12. Program Terminated (THE END)

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