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  • 1. How to Hack your Wii
    aka how to kill 12 minuets using power point

2. Examples of console mods
Xbox 360 Firmware mod
Playstaion 2Modchip install
3. The Wii is not worth 250$
The Wii is Barely faster than the gamecube, which was released in 2001, yet retails for full price. Why?
4. Kids dont know any better
And kids love nintendo
5. Why hack your Wii?
To make the system you paid for do what you want.
6. Why not hack your Wii?
Because you can really piss your kid off
7. you will need to know
The firmware version of your Wii
If you have 4.1 of less you are in luck
If you have 4.2 or more you are s.o.l
8. Stuff you will need
SD card formatted as FAT16 or FAT32.
SD card reader for PC
Bannerbomb channel data and HackMii
A Wii and Tv are essential too
9. Prepping your SDcard
Format using fat 32 file system
10. Loading your SDcard
Drag boot.elf onto your sd card
Drag the private folder to the card
Only two things you should see on your cards root directory
11. PutTING the card in your wii
12. Homebrew
Stuff you can install

  • USB loader GX Runs games from mass storage devices 13. Game emulators Run games from all system older than the N64 14. Media Players Gives the Wii capability to play Divx, MP3, and DvD 15. Utilities web and ftp servers 16. Homebrew browser lets you pick and choose what to install via the net

More Stuff you will need
A game, preferably (for the sake of the presentation) one you paid for, and
an external USB drive
17. USB Loading

  • Because getting up to change discs is hard 18. Because kids destroy everything they touch 19. Because optical media is slow and loud


  • Super Nintendo 20. Sega Genesis 21. Sony Playstation 22. Nintendo Entertainment system and more

The end
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