how to implement a file gateway for s3 cloud storage

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How To Implement a File Gateway for S3 Cloud Storage

Eric OlsonSenior Director, ProductsSoftNAS

Housekeeping2Post your questions hereThis session IS being recordedLinks to the recording and presentations will be provided laterTo listen using your telephone select the Telephone option. For local numbers click the additional numbers link.You will need to use the Access Code and Audio PIN.The audio for this webinar is available over VoIP. Just select the use Mic & Speakers option to listen to the webinar through your computers speakers.If you CAN NOT hear us, please check your volume settings.

Webinar Audio123Cast Your Vote 2015 SoftNAS LLC 3SoftNAS is a finalist for Datacentre ICT Cloud Storage Software Product of the Year.We appreciate your vote before 4/22 - today!

Agenda 2015 SoftNAS LLC4SoftNAS OverviewArchitectureSoftNAS Cloud File GatewayDemo

2015 SoftNAS LLC5Who is SoftNAS?Powerful enterprise-class storage products for public, private and hybrid cloudsEasy to try, buy, learn and use rapid time to valueFreedom from platform lock-inWorks with most popular cloud computing platformsAmazon EC2, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Azure

We believe in powerful, hassle-free storage

2015 SoftNAS LLC6The SoftNAS missionPublicPrivateHybrid

To be the fabric for business data across all clouds

2015 SoftNAS LLC7

Brands you know trust SoftNAS500+ Customers 2015 SoftNAS LLC8SoftNAS Cloud File GatewaySoftNAS Cloud File Gateway enables on-premise and hybrid cloud storage deployment as a unified shared file system for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. Local caching and S3 object storage connectivity make SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway ideal for adding rich file services to SANs and backup/archival.9SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway Enterprise-class hybrid storage

Public cloud object storage

Private cloud object storageS3S3

End-userdesktops, devices

Applicationsand servers

VolumesAFPiSCSIStorage poolsCloud File Gateway


Private cloud disk storage 2015 SoftNAS LLC10Flexible, adaptable architecture

Linux Virtual ApplianceARCHITECTUREINTEGRATIONDATA SERVICESAPI and CLICross data centerCross-zone VPCEasy administrationFile gatewayHTML5 Admin UISoftware filerZFS on Linux

AWSAzureCenturyLink CloudCIFS w/ Active DirectoryFC SANHyper-ViSCSI LUNiSCSI SANNFSS3 ObjectsSSDVMware vSphereBlock replicationCloud disksCompressionHigh-availabilityInline deduplicationInstant snapshotsMulti-level cachingStorage poolsThin provisioningWritable SnapClones

2015 SoftNAS LLC11Cloud File Gateway strategic featuresBeyond gateway w/rich unified file systemSoftNAS Cloud File Gateway expands beyond legacy file gateway solutions by providing:Access to on-premise storage Access to public cloud storage, including S3 compatible storage connectivityA unified shared file system with enterprise-class NAS filer featuresFaster backup/archival For hybrid/private cloudsExpanded platform supportHybrid cloud: on-premise to s3-compatible object storageRich shared file systems for SANs Faster backup and archivalFaster cloud backup to s3-compatible object storageVMware Virtual SANFaction Inc support 2015 SoftNAS LLC12Use casesHybrid Cloud: on-premise to S3 compatible object storageFaster, more convenient backup and archivalRich shared file systems for SANs 2015 SoftNAS LLC13Unified NAS for S3 Object Storage

Public/Private Cloud Object Storage


End-userdesktops, devices

Applicationsand servers

VolumesAFPiSCSIStorage poolsCloud File Gateway

CIFSNFSDisk Block Cache for S3 Storage Pool 2015 SoftNAS LLC14Replication from on-premise datacenter to the Cloud

End-userdesktops, devices

Applicationsand servers

VolumesAFPiSCSIStorage poolsPrimary StorageCIFSNFS

VolumesAFPiSCSIStorage poolsCIFSNFSSnap ReplicateSnap ReplicateSecondary Storage

Block ReplicationDemoHow to setup Cloud File Gateway and NAS Services 2015 SoftNAS LLC

Next Steps 2015 SoftNAS LLC16Learn More It Us sales@softnas.comFollow Us @SoftNAS SoftNAS on AWS Marketplace

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