how to increase saas customer conversion rates

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  • 1. How to Increase SaaS Customer Conversion Rates by iridize

2. Converting free trial users on a SaaS platform is more of a marathon than a sprint it requires long term attentiveness to demands. 3. When preparing for a marathon you need a running strategy: energy distribution, breathing plan, strength reservation. 4. Onboarding a customer all the way from signup to conversion is quite similar. A few factors to boost your onboarding marathon: 5. Irreplaceable Customer Service 6. Stellar customer service can be a strong selling point. 7. Your offering may be brilliant, but showing your customers they are more than a figure on your analytics graphs can be a major differentiator. 8. Availability 9. Manage customer service expectations wisely. 10. It is better to be less available to your customers than promise them full availability and keep them waiting. This goes double for budding businesses. Being kind and witty about it helps. 11. Pro-active Customer Service 12. Stay ahead of your users. Offer them solutions for issues they havent had time to complain about. 13. Utilize your analytics capabilities. Try iridizes Predictive Analytics dashboard. Get insights into your customers logins, page views, and work flow. Set up Micro- Conversion goals and follow your success in meeting them. How? 14. Customer Service Tools 15. Target your audience with tools that meet their expectations. 16. Fast service tools like interactive guides and chat support are important to web-savvy users. Phone support is essential for corporate customers. Know your customers and allocate your customer service resources accordingly. 17. Ask us more about iridizes onboarding solutions. 18. Why Iridize Mobile?We Hope That Was Helpful! Learn more about onboarding solutions at Or request a demo at [email protected]