how to increase your business presence with pinterest

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How To Increase Your Business Presence With Pinterest

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How To Increase Your Business Presence With Pinterest

How To Increase Your Business Presence With Pinterest

Lets Take A Look on Some of the Important Stats You Need to Know About Pinterest

3 Billion Monthly ActiveUsers

- One-Third of All Pinterest Sign-Ups Come From Men.

- 71%of Pinterests 72.5 Million Users are Women.

75% of Pinterest Usage Takes Place on Mobile Devices

93% of Pinners Shopped Online in the Past Six Months

Most of the time, starting a Pinterest account is not enough. You need to take several measures to make sure that you increase your business presence. Here are some things you can consider:

Follow for FollowFollow the people that you think will be most interested in your product, and they will most likely follow you back. This is the best way to increase the size of your network.

Theres Nothing Wrong with Joining The BandwagonCreativity is always an asset, but theres nothing wrong with jumping on the bandwagon! Check out other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and discover whats trending for the day. If theres a trend that could be incorporated into whatever you have, associate one with the other.

Be ActiveCreate pins more often. The customers will see that youre really serious about the product. The more pins you create, the higher chance that people searching for related pins or similar pins will be able to see your pin. Share your photos to the community.


Try to be as creative as possible when it comes to Pinterest. It is a highly visual website, thus the need for high resolution photos and creative designs.

Try to take extra measures that will bring an edge to your photos over the others.

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