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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>www.onalytica.com</p> <p>How To Integrate Influencer Marketing into your Marketing Mix </p> <p>- Business Case, Engagement Models and Measuring SuccessInfluencer Relationship ManagementTim Williams, CEO@williamstim@onalytica</p> <p>ONALYTICAStarted in 2009, Based in London</p> <p>Influencer Marketing Software</p> <p>Influencer Mapping Reports</p> <p>Professional Services &amp; Consultancy</p> <p>100K+ Social Influencer Community</p> <p>Michael BirchPaul BirchBebo Founders &amp; Onalytica Investors</p> <p>The Modern Buyers Journey Challenge or Opportunity?Source: Lori Wizdo, Forrester</p> <p>This product is A-MAZE-ing!</p> <p>Ive already made up my mind!67% of buying research is done online Forrester</p> <p>An average person is served1,700 banner Ads each month</p> <p>- NeilsenThe average click through rate is only 0.1% </p> <p>- NeilsenAd blocking grew by 40% in the last 12 months</p> <p>- EconsultancyAdvertising is not working anymore</p> <p>INFLUENCER MARKETING IS PART OF THE SOLUTION</p> <p>Influencer marketing is the practice of marketing to people who influence your target markets buying decisions and increase conversion rate with your target market </p> <p>6.2% of key influencers are responsible for 80% of the influence in social media Forrester</p> <p>KEY INFLUENCERS</p> <p>40% </p> <p> 80% </p> <p>10% MARKET REACH1st Degree Network2nd Degree Network3rd Degree Network</p> <p>USE CASES</p> <p>CUSTOMER RETENTION</p> <p>COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT</p> <p>LEAD NURTURING</p> <p>BRAND ADVOCACY</p> <p>THOUGHT LEADERSHIP</p> <p>LEAD GENERATION</p> <p>SOCIAL SELLING</p> <p>WEBSITE TRAFFIC</p> <p>BRAND AWARENESS</p> <p>EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY</p> <p>GENERATES 2x THE SALES OF PAID ADVERTISINGRESULTS IN RECOMMENDATIONS 3x MORE LIKELY TO TRIGGER A PURCHASEGENERATES 3x MORE WORD-OF-MOUTH MESSAGESCAN INCREASE BRAND MARKET SHARE BY AS MUCH AS 10%</p> <p>Source: McKinsey70% OF CUSTOMERS TRUST ONLINE CUSTOMER REVIEWS 92% OF CUSTOMERS TRUST RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OTHER PEOPLE OVER BRANDED CONTENT</p> <p>Source: Nielsen</p> <p>Influencer Marketing What Return Can You Expect?</p> <p>START BY CARRYING OUT AN INFLUENCER MAPPING AUDIT</p> <p>What does your influencer marketplace look like?Network Maps can be built around: </p> <p>Corporate Brand Product CategoryIndividual ProductEventThought Leadership TopicReputational IssueCompetitors</p> <p>Celebrities</p> <p>Corporate Assets</p> <p>Mainstream Media</p> <p>Blogs</p> <p>Gamers</p> <p>YouTubers</p> <p>Thought Leaders</p> <p>Competitor Assets</p> <p>PoliticiansMums</p> <p>Aseem Malhotra - Key InfluencerHealth Professional &amp; AcademicConnected with Politicians, Mums , Academics &amp; Journalists</p> <p>AcademicsJournalistsUK Health &amp; Wellbeing Community Top 150 Engaged Social Influencers</p> <p>Disparate ClustersOf InfluencersJamie Oliver is engaged with Journalists, Mumsnet, Academics &amp; Politicians Sugar Tax Where Is The Influence Happening?</p> <p>Understand The Best Approach To Engage Individual Influencers</p> <p>Paid Engagement?</p> <p>Organic Reach?</p> <p>Influence Top Social Connections?</p> <p>Research-led Content?</p> <p>WHAT ARE THE BEST INFLUENCERENGAGEMENT MODELS?</p> <p>InfluencerMarketing</p> <p>PR DISCIPLINE1-to-1 Relationship</p> <p>MARKETING MODEL1-to-MANY Activation</p> <p>Technology Can Help You Scale 1:to:1 Relationships With Multiple Influencers</p> <p>Advocacy Model</p> <p>CONTENT</p> <p>PR</p> <p>ADVOCATE</p> <p>Influencer Model</p> <p>EXPERT</p> <p>INFLUENCER</p> <p>CONTENT</p> <p>PR</p> <p>EXPERT</p> <p>CONTENT</p> <p>PR</p> <p>JOURNALIST</p> <p>MARKETBroadcast Model</p> <p>TARGET AUDIENCE</p> <p>MESSAGE CONTROLHIGHMEDIUMLOWTRUSTEDMESSENGER</p> <p>SOCIAL SELLINGBRAND AMBASSADORPRMARKETINGEMPLOYEEADVOCACYSMEsTARGETINFLUENCERSSales ExecsTargetAccountsSeniorManagementMedia Trained SpokespeopleTopical ExpertsEmployeesTier 1 Thought LeadersEmployees Social NetworksTier 1 &amp; 2 Social InfluencersTier 1 Media &amp; Bloggers</p> <p>TARGET AUDIENCEModel Remains the Same but the SMEs &amp; Influencers Change</p> <p>HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY MANAGE MULTIPLE INFLUENCERS</p> <p>NOT ANOTHER INFLUENCERSPREADSHEET!</p> <p>INFLUENCEVOLUME &amp; ENGAGEABILITY</p> <p>IRMCRMINFLUENCERSCUSTOMERS</p> <p>MANAGED BY PRMANAGED BY DIGITAL MARKETING </p> <p>PAY TO PLAYMANAGED BY PRMANAGED BY BRAND</p> <p>JOURNALISTSTHOUGHT LEADERSHIGH-PROFILE BLOGGERS</p> <p>YOUTUBERS / INSTAGRAMMERSCELEBRITIES</p> <p>BRAND / COMPETITOR ADVOCATESTIER 2 BLOGGERSTOPICAL COMMUNITIESINFLUENTIAL CONSUMERSInfluencer Relationship Management (IRM) Is The New CRM For Influencers</p> <p>HOW CAN YOU USE INFLUENCERS TO OPTIMISE YOUR CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY?</p> <p>94% of small businesses,93% of B2Bs, and 77% of B2Cs use content marketing</p> <p>ONLY 9% of B2B marketers consider their content marketing efforts to be very effective.</p> <p>- Content Marketing Institute 13.4% of U.S. adults online create 80% of the content that influences people</p> <p>- Forrester</p> <p>STEP 1Research topics that resonate with your marketplaceEngaging ContentInfluencer ActivationIncreased Earned Media Value</p> <p>STEP 2Identify relevant influencers toco-create and share your content</p> <p>STEP 3Build Relationships with influencers before publishing</p> <p>STEP 4Publish content and outreach to Tier 1 influencers</p> <p>STEP 5Measure performance of contentShare Your Content With Relevant Influencers</p> <p>WHAT ARE THE BEST MEASUREMENTS OF SUCCESS?</p> <p>Measurement &amp; KPI Framework ACTIVITY: Volume of Social Outreach to Influencers</p> <p>ENGAGEMENT: Volume of 2-way Influencer Interactions</p> <p>ADVOCACY: Volume of influencer posts on brand &amp; products</p> <p>AWARENESS: Volume, Reach &amp; Share of Voice of brand, products &amp; campaigns</p> <p>PERCEPTION: Key Message delivery &amp; Sentiment of brand, products &amp; campaigns</p> <p>Cost of investment (COI)Researching influencers and setting up influencer programmesProviding free product samples to target influencers and end target audienceTime / Resource on Social Media OutreachContent creationRoundtable influencer events</p> <p>Return on Investment (ROI)Increase in Earned Media Value and ReachIncrease in Influencer EngagementImproved Sentiment and PerceptionIncrease in Brand / Product AdvocatesIncrease in Site TrafficUp to 10x Brand Awareness (average 3-5 times)</p> <p>Increase in purchase consideration and SALES</p> <p>How to determine ROI?</p> <p>5 TIPS ON HOW TO RUN INFLUENCER PROGRAMMES</p> <p>Translate Business objectives into Influencer Marketing KPIs(Example KPIs)Business ObjectiveInfluencer Marketing KPI 1Influencer Marketing KPI 2Increase Sales Increase engagement on social with target accountsTurn prospects into Brand AdvocatesGenerate more leads5% increase in social referred site traffic to content hubTarget number of influencer posts containing content hub URLImprove Brand ReputationTarget number of influencer posts containing key brand messagesIncrease in positive brand sentiment Improve Thought leadershipCo-create content with 5 social influencers Create 20 Brand Advocates on a key industry topicDrive Awareness of Product LaunchTarget number of influencer posts containing product mentionsTarget number of influencer posts containing product URL</p> <p>2) Agree Internal Definition of Your Target InfluencerEngagement Driving engagement through 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree social networks in key topical contexts</p> <p>Social Reach over 5000 followers or subscribers on Twitter / Instagram / YouTube</p> <p>Relevance Posting relevant content around your brand, competitor brands, product categories or thought leadership topics</p> <p>Location Based in markets where you are seeking to influence OR has demonstrable influence over these markets</p> <p>Influencer Type Journalist, Blogger, Mum, Academic, Business leader, Decision Maker, Consumer etc.</p> <p>3) Identify your internal SMEs &amp; train them in Social</p> <p>4) Create Your Own Working Engagement Model</p> <p>5) Experiment, Learn and Improve</p> <p>1) TRANSLATE BUSINESS OBJECTIVES INTO INFLUENCER MARKETING OBJECTIVES2) AGREE INTERNAL DEFINITION OF YOUR TARGET INFLUENCER3) IDENTIFY YOUR SMEs &amp; TRAIN THEM IN SOCIAL4) CREATE YOUR OWN WORKING ENGAGEMENT MODEL5) EXPERIMENT, LEARN AND IMPROVE</p> <p>Tim Williams, CEO@williamstim@onalytica</p> <p>www.onalytica.com</p> <p>Come Join us to Network with other Influencer Marketing Professionals!</p> <p>THANK YOU!18th May @ 6pmMarket Porter PubBorough MarketLondonSE1 9AA</p>