How to Integrate Mindfulness in Your Work

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How to Integrate Mindfulness in Your Work

How to Integrate Mindfulness in Your WorkPresenter: Karen Atkinson

Topics to be CoveredThe Assessment processIdentifying when Mindfulness may not be appropriateThe importance of embodying Mindfulness as a professionalThe power of Mindful languageDiscovering the differences between Yoga and Mindful MovementHow to use these skills to enable clients to explore their choices and potentialWhat next?

The Assessment Process

Asking questions that are appropriate to the therapeutic context in which you are seeing them.Identifying their goals.Setting your boundaries.Noting non-verbal communicationWiden the netPlanning a programmeDeveloping commitment from the client

The Importance of Embodying Mindfulness as a Professional

SafetySecurityEngagementRecognising potential for changeDeveloping a therapeutic relationship

Identifying When Mindfulness May Not Be Appropriate

Recent traumaPsychosisOther treatment programmesPrevious problems with mindfulnessDifficulty concentratingOrganic aetiologyUnder the influence of drugs/ alcohol

The Power of Mindful LanguageWhat to say and how to say itVerbs to avoid

Discovering the Differences Between Yoga and Mindful MovementLanguageIntentions and outcomes

How to Use These Skills to Enable Clients to Explore Their Choices and Potential

The process of inquiry

Balancing Mindfulness with Compassion

Compassion- the vital ingredient!

What Next?

Teacher Training PathwayMBSR/MBCT/MYH or equivalentIntegrating Mindfulness and Compassion in Professional Practice Qualification commencing in London 28th October at Yogacampus