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<p>How to integrate mobile Learning </p> <p>into your classroom</p> <p>Talila Yehiel</p> <p>March 5 2017Time: 9 pm IST, 3 pm EST, 7 pm GMT</p> <p>The WanderingEntrepreneur: Shani Ziv</p> <p> The wandering man leaves the main road, looks for a narrow alley, where he meets locals, tastes the food the natives, eats and chats with the barber or shoe maker. </p> <p>The wanderer is relaxed, and that enables him to feel the place with all his senses </p> <p>Walter Benjamin, The Arcades Project 1940</p> <p>The Station</p> <p>Go Do</p> <p>Share Info</p> <p>A Station is an object of interest </p> <p>The Station</p> <p>A place, a building, a tree, a statue, a heritage site, a work of art, an artifact or a natural element.</p> <p>Wherever you go you can find something meaningful to do, an activity unique to this place. </p> <p>You may want to share the outcome of this activity with others, or widen your horizons by getting more informationabout this place..</p> <p>GO</p> <p>Look for the perfect round shape item or artifact in the museum that is a natural object</p> <p>GO</p> <p>Directions can be:</p> <p> A clue A landmark</p> <p> A zoomed in picture of a detail</p> <p> A map A riddle </p> <p>DO</p> <p>Sprinkle the sand then press "start", watch the patterns. What happens if you increase the frequency? Did you expect that.</p> <p>Activity Instructions: </p> <p>DO</p> <p> Look, listen, smell, feel, touch</p> <p> Measure, put in order, count, compare.</p> <p> Think, search, find, try, solve</p> <p> Move under, behind, above, around..</p> <p> Take a picture, draw, create a film .</p> <p>SHARE</p> <p>Arrange 3 objects in a meaningful time line composition . </p> <p>Take a picture and share with us your findings</p> <p>SHARE</p> <p> Test results and your findings A poem, a picture, a video clip An idea, a reflection, a thought Compare and learn What do we have in common How are we different... Feel the wanderers community </p> <p>vibes</p> <p>Upload to the cloud :</p> <p>INFO</p> <p>Did you know.Before the laborious process of raising the bell from a flat sheet, Ernst Fredrick needed to know the quality of the brass. So he would bow it to see the resonance.</p> <p>INFO</p> <p> History Scientific Culture Art From the Press</p> <p>Enrich your knowledge:</p> <p>Lets Practice</p> <p>Mural by Joan Miro</p> <p>UNESCO , ParisAudience: MLW participants</p> <p>Share and Discuss</p> <p>Station</p> <p>Joan Miro, UNESCO , Paris</p> <p>Station</p> <p>Joan Miro, UNESCO , Paris</p> <p>Share and Discuss</p> <p>Go:</p> <p>Creating a mural from the mural in front of you.</p> <p>Take a photograph of part of the mural, include part of yourself in </p> <p>the image.Do: </p> <p>Upload your Mural in Mural personal interpretation Share: </p> <p>Joan Miro working on the muralInfo:</p> <p>Station</p> <p>Miro Mural in UNESCO</p> <p>Look for Miro's mural</p> <p>What is a charming area in your eyes?</p> <p>Elementary school , Pinerolo, ItalyTeens touristic map</p> <p>Audience: Young students</p> <p>Installation: The Rainbow 360 , Artist: Olfaur Eliason</p> <p>Station</p> <p>The Playground Graffiti </p> <p>Station Characteristics:</p> <p>How to find it: </p> <p> Graffiti wallObject of interest</p> <p> By a descriptionHow to find it</p> <p> Individually or in a groupWork</p> <p>StationMy Playground By Ethnik</p> <p>Share and Discuss</p> <p>This is the SHARE</p> <p>What was the DO?</p> <p>Station</p> <p>My Playground By Ethnik</p> <p>Tree4Y Course site</p> <p>Architecture</p> <p>Art</p> <p>A scavenger hunt game</p> <p>Main Topics: One place, one artifact - many questions. </p> <p>Look at the chosen place from different aspects and </p> <p>create a station.</p> <p> Scientific monitoring - find, collect and analyze scientific data </p> <p>relevant to a local object or place</p> <p> Qualitative and quantitative peer evaluation of the created </p> <p>activities.</p> <p> Creative Touristic map.</p> <p>What do we expect from you?</p> <p> To create a mobile learning based on location site. To try out your personal site with the public or students. To evaluate your peers site</p> <p>How - Follow the Instructions</p> <p> How to choose a place of interest How to ask relevant Qs about the chosen place. How to create a site . How to evaluate a mobile learning site.</p> <p> Each unit will be backed up by a presentation ( some will be with movies).</p> <p>The Course-14 Weeks.</p> <p>-There will be 10 synchronize meetings.</p> <p>-The learning units will be available on the Moodle </p> <p>site.</p> <p>You will be able to learn and create at your own pace.</p> <p>-I will be available for you in small group instruction</p> <p>sessions .</p> <p>-Course completion certificate</p> <p>The coming semester will begin on March the 12th, </p> <p>2017</p> <p>20% discount to registrants from this webinar</p> <p>Relevant sites</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>Any Question?</p> <p></p>