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Connecting the Dots:Effectively Integrating Searchinto Digital Marketing Mix

Motoko HuntPresident, Search Marketing ConsultantAJPR1Today You Will LearnHow to integrate search marketing into multiple digital marketing business units for bigger successThe effective corporate structure by connecting the dots of search and other business initiatives

2After entering the Internet industry in mid 90's, Motoko established AJPR in 1998. Since then, she has been providing Search Marketing Services targeting Japan and Asia to businesses from around the world. Her search marketing services with her extensive knowledge of Asia and Global market have been highly valued and resulted in significant impact for some of the world's popular brands' search marketing campaigns.A number of her articles have been published on industry websites and printed media. Motoko is a frequent speaker at search marketing conferences globally and gives seminars and training about International Search Marketing.Also, she has been serving as a Chairman of SEMPO APAC Committee. In March 2009, she received the first SEMPO President Award for her support and dedication to the search industry and SEMPO organization.For more information, visit http://www.ajpr.comAbout Me

motokohunt3AgendaIntegrating Search into Digital Marketing MixData and information to shareHow to integrateContent design and organizationChallenges and Governance

Corporate Restructuring for Search and Digital SuccessWhy restructure?Tips for successful restructuring4Integrating Search Into Digital Marketing Mix5

6Data and Information to ShareKeywordsKPIs and ReportsCampaign GoalsMarketing MessagesMedia CalendarsMarketing Collaterals

7Share Keywords8Share Marketing Messages9Share Media Calendars10How to Integrate11Content Design and OrganizationBrand1Brand2Brand3Brand4NAEMEAAPACProduct InfoSocial ContentImagesVideosArticles/WPWikiBlog/ForumMarketing Collaterals12Content Opportunity DiscoverIndiaThailandHong KongTransportationAirlineTrainTaxiAirlineCarBusAirlineDestinationLocal areaChinaBangkokHawaiiLocal areaChinaThailandTokyoIsraelLocal areaTokyoThailandMacauDubaiInterestLuxuryPackageVisa applicationCruiseVillasB&BsInterests among multiple marketsMarket specific interests13Content DeliverySearch Implications on RolesContent Authors Local content authors ensures the page content is relevant and incorporated optimal keywords Localizers leverages the glossary and keyword research tools to validate keyword demand and optimal keyword incorporation QA Specialist - Checks pages against submitted content, standards, and template formats ensures there are no spider traps, keyword prominence and flags any URL changes and ensures URL is in Google site map. Search Team Monitors inclusions, ranking and traffic

14Content LocalizationKeyword GlossarySEO/PPC Guide15Aligning Related ContentCase 1:Identified top shared keywords in each market Aligned common words and content to scale localization effortsSaved over US$25K in translation costs for one language

Total cost for localizationTotal cost with the savings by removing the common keywords, content, and pages16Challenges and GovernanceToo many stakeholdersToo many agenciesDifficulty with having timely communicationCorporate initiatives dont allow local inputDifferent budget allocationIdentify and establish the main communication channelRemove duplicate effortsPlace a process/project managerCreate a written Governance, Process, Standards and Best Practices17Process, Governance, Standards, and Best PracticesProvide Training & Support18Project Score CardBrand1Brand2Brand3Brand4NAEMEAAPACUse of corporate KPIs for reportingYYYYYUse of the latest version of templateYYYYYUse of target keywordsYYYYYYYUse of main campaign messagesYYYYUse of provided content (localized)YYYYYY19Corporate Restructuring for Search and Digital Success20Why Restructure?21Missed Opportunity from Not Sharing

You are not here!Its so easy even a dog can do itA person saw a TV ad. Next day, he searched for a phrase used in ad, but couldnt find a page in search results

TV campaign message was not shared with digital marketing teamNo digital ads, and landing pages using the same message

22Communication Breakdown

23Wasted Resources and Budget24Tips for RestructuringIdentify the Key PlayersCreate the Unified GoalsSet Up the Global Search CouncilObtain C-Levels Buy-InCentralize the Team Structure25Identifying the Key Players

26Structure for Better Engagement27Creating the Unified GoalsCorporate Goals forDigital Marketing28Global Search CouncilA team of subject matter experts, who offer: (among other things)29Obtaining C-Level Buy-InShow the Business Impact with Missed Opportunity MatrixKeywordsEstimate Search per MonthCurrent Monthly Search TrafficCurrent Search Ranking (PLP)Estimate Additional Traffic: 5%, 10%...Current RevenueEstimate Additional Revenue: w/5% more traffic w/10% more traffic30WW Search ManagerBrandBrandBrandBrandWeb MarketingSite ArctManages Coordination of centralized team Overall Search Strategy Search related Training Integration of Paid and Organic SearchAgency Relationships Centralized Team StructureBrand Search Strategists Role Brand specific keyword research Brand level page auditing and optimization Coordination with Development TeamBoth outsourced and internal resources EuropeLatin AmericaAsia-PacificNorth AmericaWebsite Liaison Role Coordinate with site framework and design Consulting with Site Infs. team on metrics, flow & function Support web strategy & Web 2.0 efforts Compliment web marketing initiatives


Move The Needle

32Identify the stakeholders for establishing the search and digital marketing integration

Stakeholders are: Brands and local marketing managers Product teams Business unit: IT, web operations, content editors, email marketing, display ads, social media, etc.Identify Your StakeholdersMove The Needle33Look at the data Integrate based on data Measure and improve

Integrate search attributes into the development & localization workflow processIdentify opportunities to share data/information & scale work/project to reduce costs & maximize productivity5 Key Takeaways34www.onlinemarketinginstitute.orgThank You!Learn more at Please keep thank you page as is. 35