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Keith Fenhaus, President, The Forum President/CEO, Hallmark Business Connections and Patty Saari Vice President, The Forum Vice President, Carlson Marketing, presentation on Virtual Motivation, how to keep people motivated when working remotely.


  • 1. Virtual MotivationHow to Keep People MotivatedWhen Working

2. Keith FenhausPresident, The ForumPresident/CEO, Hallmark Business Connections Patty SaariVice President, The ForumVice President, Carlson Marketing 22 3. 3 4. What does it mean to be a Virtual worker ? 5. How do I know ifan employee is productive? Or is the family petmanning the computer?5 6. When I talk to Wall Street, people really want to know your results, what are your strategies, what are the issues, what it is that youre doing to drive your business. Theyre focused on the bottom line. Never do you get people asking about the culture Yet, its the reverse, because its the people, the leadership, the culture and the ideas that areStephen I. Sadoveultimately driving the numbersChairman and CEOSaks Inc and the results. New York Times, May 29, 20106 7. The NEW BIG Questions How do I keep employees motivated when were not together?How do I build a virtual team culture? How do I help team membersstay connected? 8. Research VisionWhat can we learn from organizations whohave made Virtual Work a successfulpart of their enterprise and a contributor to their bottom line? 9. Virtual Facts 89% of top 100companies offer30 million + virtual work as employees work an option virtually at least oneday a week 72% of employeessay that flexiblework influenced their employmentdecisionTelework Coalition 2007 2012Telework Research Network 2009The Edge Report 2008 99 10. Virtual Variations Telecommuting Working from home (or elsewhere) full- or part- time Virtual teams Team members are geographically dispersed Hoteling Desks are checked out on a daily basis; employees work where and when they want 11. Common Challenges Failure to fully leverage technology Difficulty in building trust Decreased team cohesiveness Disconnection with the culture (going native) Risk of turnover1111 12. Benefits Anytime, anywhere workplace Flexibility to mix teams Reduction in overhead costs 13. The Forum Research 2011 How can an organizationDevelop teamsBuild their culture Motivate employees in a Virtual Workplace? 14. Research Method1414 15. What We Learned1515 16. Virtual Insight 1Working virtually is a Strategynot a tactic1616 17. How have companies made virtualwork a strategy? Virtual Resource Teams are dedicated to building communication systems, motivation, technology and other forms of support Employee Engagement surveys are segmented and analyzed by virtual roles Performance Reviews are driven by project timing and results, not the calendar year or employee anniversary date1717 18. How have you taken a strategic approach to working virtually? 19. Virtual Insight 2 Invest in technology toEmpower peopleand not entrap them1919 20. How do companies use technology totheir advantage? Instant messaging, intranet services, file sharing resources, web conferencing and more are all maximized. No hesitation in investing in the latest technology if it supports virtual access The workplace is viewed as 24/7, and everyone is encouraged to work when they want, where they want, regardless of their geography2020 21. How have you used technology to enhance yourvirtual strategy?2121 22. Virtual Insight 3 Take advantage of a richer Talent Poolwith a virtual strategy2222 23. Its all about talentIts the talent that matters, not where theperson is. We would not have the quality of people we have if we forced them to move locally. 2323 24. How has working virtually allowed you to rethink talentselection? 25. Virtual Insight 4 Create a hybrid remote/live environment to facilitate relationships and not transactions2525 26. How is a hybrid environment created? Employees in new positions are required to spend a lengthy period (up to several months) working geographically with their new team Business meetings (often quarterly) are an everyday investment. Design includes a mix of content, contact and motivation Video conferencing is an everyday enabler 2626 27. How can business relationships be enhanced ina virtual environment? 28. Virtual Insight 5 Build Virtual Leadershipcapabilities2828 29. How do you promote virtualleadership? Leaders are taught virtual leadership skills. Its treated like any other business skill and people are expected to learn and apply proven techniques New remote employees are assigned a mentor in addition to a manager. The mentor is a go-to resource to help navigate cultural, relationship and communication issues.2929 30. What are some examples ofvirtual leadership skills inyour organization? 31. Virtual Insight 6The Virtual Workplacelooks different in Small vs. Large companies3131 32. How do different sized companiesadapt to the demands of virtual? Large companies have embraced the virtual challenges like other business problems theyve invested time, money and talent to make things work Small companies have done a more grass roots approach and success is tied to individual performance3232 33. Do you work for a large or small companyand how wellhave you adapted to the challenges of working virtually? 34. Summary Its a Strategy Invest in Technology Seek a richer Talent pool Create a Hybrid environment Build Virtual Leadership skills Leverage the opportunities of Large vs. Small companies 3434 35. Closing Thoughts With a Smartphone in their pocket, every employee is in the virtual workplace Establish best practices that benefit the business and the employee Encourage expansion of skills setsespecially leadership and technology adaptionto fully leverage the potential 3535 36. 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