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How to Keep your Website Fresh


  • 2. About CivicPlus Our mission at CivicPlus is to help make local government work better. Connecting peopleconnecting communitiesis at the core of everything we do. Since 2001, weve been building custom websites for city and county governments in the United States, Canada and Australia. In recent years, our role has expanded to forming partnerships with local governments and their communities. We help improve communication, workflow process, and the citizen experience.
  • 3. About the Speaker Deb currently oversees the implementation team at CivicPlus. Her web-development insight stems from consulting with hundreds of local governments to understand and address their online issues. Deb McNew VP of Professional Services 888.228.2233 x225
  • 4. Objectives Objective 1 Explore Methods to Implement Plans from Phase 2 Objective 2 Keeping the Website Fresh and Up-To-Date and Keep Staff Engaged Objective 3 Implementing Governance and Continuing to Improve the Function of the Website
  • 5. What Citizens Are Saying of surveyed citizens say their government website is less than easy, difficult, or very difficult to use*. *Digital Disconnect: The Gaps Between Government-to-Citizen Online Interactions visit for more info
  • 6. Benefits of Good Web Project Planning Citizen Satisfaction Better Communication Convenience of Online Service Cost Savings Digital interactions cost 80% less than non-digital interactions* Allows citizens and government staff alike to be more productive because they can conduct their government business more conveniently Compliance and Revenue More convenient methods of payment encourage higher compliance and increased revenue collection *Accentures Digital Citizen Pulse Survey Visit for more information
  • 7. Phase 1 Results A Community Needs Assessment Organizational goals clearly defined A Complete Marketing Plan The data to make planning your website navigation and content a no-brainer
  • 8. Phase 2 Review The Best Leaders and Organizations Start with Why* *Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action
  • 9. Organizational Goals You should have 1-3 high level goals for the site. If you were building a new city hall would you tell the contractor I want a prettier building than I had before? Increase Citizen Satisfaction as measured by X by EOY Increase Website Transactions by X% by Q2 Define what is a transaction and how measured Increase Website Traffic as measured by x by EOY Our top x services will be available on the web by x date
  • 10. Set Departmental Goals Base them on the organizational goals Parks and Rec activities will have x% online registrations by date Code Enforcement will have x% of violations reported online by date Phone calls for General Services will reduce by x by date
  • 11. Results from Phase 2 Navigation Plan Content Plans for each Department Approved Design Communication Plan
  • 12. Implementation Implement Your Approved Navigation and Design Create a Plan for Permissions and Access May require a hidden navigation piece where content is arranged by department or function Work With Necessary Departments to Implement the Communication Plan
  • 13. Implementation Review Content Plans with the Departments Gather the Documentation Required to Create the Content from Departments Have the Bulk of the Content Created Outside the Organization Train all Approved Users Have Multiple Workshops Scheduled After Training to Review and Tweak Content Train All Staff
  • 14. Beginning the Accountability Cycle Implement the Method You Identified in Phase 2 to Track Progress on Goals Train staff on how to keep up their progress Provide departments with regular web statistics reports Create a dashboard for transparency
  • 15. Governance Set a Regular Web Committee Meeting to Review Progress We suggest quarterly Decide who owns this and handles accountability
  • 16. Governance Topics for the Regular Meeting Address progress on goals Keeping best practices and guidelines up-to-date and accessible to staff Scheduling regular training for staff What is the next step in the adventure
  • 17. Maintenance Set a Regular Schedule for Retraining Make sure sessions are available to handle turnover Refresher training Make sure to offer training on new features or features you are not using or new methods Have meetings to discuss progress on goals with departments, what problems they are having, what successes they have seen Have a regular training reviewing the guidelines and best practices put in place by the governance board (website committee) All Staff Training
  • 18. Maintenance Set a Schedule and Owner for Website Maintenance Check the site for misspellings and broken links Check for outdated content One method would be to review a department/month Check statistics for unused content Check search terms for new items that should be added
  • 19. Review Implement Determine Governance Conduct Regular Maintenance Dont Forget Keep Marketing
  • 20. How to Evaluate Your Site CivicLink Personalized report based on citizen and staff perspectives of your communication efforts
  • 21. Want help? CivicPlus has partnered with over 1,700 municipalities to improve efficiencies and overall communication with citizens. We can help you establish metrics, set goals and develop a custom website that citizens will use we guarantee it
  • 22. Download the Presentation This presentation is available for download Visit for this presentation and several others resources.
  • 23. CONNECTING PEOPLE Deb McNew 888.228.2233 x225